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How to take a dog-friendly roadtrip!

For a dog-friendly road trip and to travel with your pet safely, check out our infographic for tips and a checklist of what to bring for your dog!

Maryse Dubois

Make sure to transport your pet safely

Escaping life in the city and heading to one of Sydney's best dog friendly beaches? If you are behind schedule, getting ready for a holiday or just plain busy, it can be difficult to remember everything that you need for your trip for yourself, let alone for your pooch as well.

We love our pets, with Australians having one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, and dogs are our favourite, with almost 40% of households owning a dog. But over the last year the RSPCA estimates 5000 dogs were killed falling from moving vehicles alone. This number does not include dogs killed in car accidents or injured by not being restrained or safely transported either!

So, if you are taking a dog for a drive, check out this handy road trip infographic to make sure your dog is riding happy!

Dog harness or car seat: You use a seat belt for safety, so why wouldn't you have one for your pet? While it is unlikely you will be in an accident, having your pet safely secured in a dog harness will ensure they aren't injured unnecessarily from falling off their seat.

Old Blanket: Some dogs do get motion sickness, or they might just swallow too much seawater if you've taken them to the beach. Either way, bringing along some old towels or a blanket will make cleaning up after them much simpler.

Extra water and a bowl: You will probably have had water for yourself, but easy to forget the bowl your dog needs. If you can, look into buying a collapsible dog bowl - that way it's easy to keep with you so you can ensure your dog remains fed and watered at all time.

Poop bags: You can buy small refillable poop bag holders that clip onto your dogs leash, reducing your liklihood of forgetting it and getting caught out! Fines for not picking up after your dog vary between states, but this easy trick means you won't have to worry about it.


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Who are we?

Uber Carshare is a peer to peer car sharing platform, which means that the cars you drive are owned by people in your community - not by us. We provide the technology, safety and platform to facilitate this exchange. Think of us as the Airbnb of car hire.

Why do we do it ?

Millions of Australians have cars that are sitting around being wasted, depreciating in value, taking up space doing nothing. We started Uber Carshare so that regular people can make money out of their cars, changing the "one person, one car mentality".

What's in it for you?

It's cheap, simple and unlike all other short term car-sharing programs in Australia, we have free membership. You can borrow cars for a minimum of one hour, or for days at a time. There are hundreds of cars available some even just walking distance from your house! Unlike traditional car hire companies where you need to hire for a day minimum from a centralised location. Borrowing a car from your neighbour means your money is going back to your local community. We also have a number of pet friendly rental cars available.

Sign up to rent out your car to your neighbours, and earn money from your car!

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