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Your Go-to Guide to Parking in Brisbane: 15 of the best places to park

Linden Brown

Heading into Brisbane? You won’t regret it. Abuzz with arts, culture and foodie havens, it’s been called a city with soul. 

But like all big cities, parking in Brisbane can be tricky. Especially if you want something affordable. Whether you’ve grabbed a car hire in Queensland or heading in from home, we’ve got you. Here’s our insider’s guide to the best parking in Brisbane CBD and surrounds. We’ll cover:

  • Parking in Brisbane city (secure parking and street parking)
  • Parking in the Myer Centre, Brisbane
  • Parking in South Brisbane
  • How to find the cheapest parking
  • FAQ

We even explain how to find the cheapest car parking in Brisbane (yes, there’s free parking in Brisbane city!). Let’s hit the road. 

Parking in Brisbane CBD

You’ll find plenty of options when you need secure parking in Brisbane CBD. There are several commercial car parks and two council-run car parks. Prices vary depending on the location and duration of your stay. Whether you’re shopping up a storm at Queen Street Mall or heading out to Fortitude Valley, here are some great options to start you off.

Cheap and free parking in Brisbane city

Drive into QueensPlaza car park for around $9 for an hour or $75 for over five hours. It’s cheaper to book ahead, and you can also save if you enter before or after peak times. If you’re accessing the car park out of centre hours, enter via the Edward St pedestrian entrance. You’ll find covered walkways, accessible parking and parking for parents with prams, too.

Other locations like Secure Parking at 179 Turbot Street start from $5 for up to 30 minutes or $48/hour. You’ll make significant savings by booking online through Secure Parking. Wilson Parking at King George Central is a little more affordable for drive-up parking, but you’re still far better off booking ahead. 

The Brisbane City Council operates parking facilities at Wickham Terrace Car Park and King George Square Car Park. The rates at these council car parks tend to be cheaper than many commercial options. Starting at $5 for 30 minutes, you’ll pay up to $46 for a full day (or $20/day with an early-bird discount). Wickham Terrace Car Park is even open 24 hours.

Street parking in Brisbane CBD

The good news about street parking in Brisbane CBD is that it’s more affordable than many other major city centres across Australia. Depending on where you are in the city, there’s street parking for your vehicle for up to 3 and 4 hours. 

These parks are a great option for quick visits or errands, but like all major cities, they get snapped up quickly. Make sure you have a plan B – find out which car parks are nearby where you need to go.

Parking in the Myer Centre, Brisbane

Using the Myer Centre car park in Brisbane (now known as Uptown Parking) is really convenient. Here’s what you need to know:  

  1. Drive-up rates (Monday to Friday peak times): Charges for parking range from $9 for up to 30 minutes to $68 for more than 3.5 hours (maximum daily rate).
  2. Early bird parking: Available for $27 when you enter between 3 am and 9.30 am and exit anytime on the same day. Note that parking and payment must be on specific levels and is subject to availability.
  3. Night rates: For parking between 4 pm and 3 am and exiting before 7 am the next day, the rate is $11 from Monday to Friday.
  4. Weekend and public holiday parking: A flat rate of $11 applies for parking from Saturday to Sunday and on public holidays.
  5. Online booking discounts: Book online for significant savings compared to drive-up rates.

Parking in South Brisbane 

silver globe statue outside a concrete building
Photo by Ruel Del Jamorol / Unsplash

South Brisbane is home to South Bank, a lively precinct on the south bank of the Brisbane River. You’ll find loads to eat, see and do. And even better – plenty of great parking options.

  • If you’re really lucky, you’ll find some on-street parking (pay at the meter or use the app). It fills up quickly, so make sure you know of other options nearby. Here are some of them.
  • Stanley Street near Queensland’s Cultural and Performing Arts Centres offers parking for $17.60, or pay $23.65 to book ahead and reserve a spot. Be careful to consider event start and finish times. With a pre-paid ticket, you must exit the car park within 90 minutes of an event's finishing time.
  • On Merivale Street at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, early bird parking is available for $15, with up to $35 for 24 hours.
  • South Bank Car Park has over 800 underground spaces with lift and stair accessibility. It has various parking specials, including a monthly parking special for unlimited 24-hour parking on weekdays, an early bird special for a flat rate of $18 (enter before 9:30 am and exit before 7 pm), and an online dinner parking special for a flat rate of $6 after 6 pm from Monday to Thursday.
  • Wilson Parking and SecureParking provide safe parking options in South Brisbane. Try SW1 or Southpoint. Their services include early bird, hourly, multi-day, overnight, and weekend parking, as well as monthly subscriptions.

Tips for Brisbane parking

aerial photo of cityscape during nighttime
Photo by Steven Pahel / Unsplash

Parking in Brisbane can be daunting whether you're a regular visitor or sightseeing while you're nearby. Knowing where you're going to park will really help. Here are a few more things to help your trip go smoothly.

  • Know your options. In busy times, there’s high competition for street parking in Brisbane. While it's usually affordable, it might make for a stressful day if it’s not there when you need it. Make sure you have a Plan B (or C!).
  • Park for 15 minutes free. For a quick stop in the city or surrounds, try the 15-minute free parking option. You must still register your parking session at a parking meter or via the CellOPark app. Make sure you always register and don’t overstay your welcome, or it could become a costly park.
  • Pay with an app. Apps like CellOPark are a great way to find and pay for metered parking in Brisbane. You can set up your car profile and payment method and pay directly from your phone instead of at a meter.
  • Get a permit. Are you a Brisbane resident or a business owner? You can probably apply for a parking permit. But remember, while your permit might exempt you from limits and fees sometimes, it won’t reserve you a spot.
  • Pre-book online. If you choose to use one of the many private multi-storey car parks available, you can still save a lot of money by booking ahead (up to 60% at some!). 

At both Wilson Parking and Secure Parking, you can choose an all-day early bird parking option if the hours suit you. Pre-booking this option will usually save you the most money. 

The best thing about parking this way is having a guaranteed spot when you arrive. Just open the website and type in your destination – simple.

Other ways to find the cheapest parking in Brisbane

Parkopedia and Parkable

Use Parkopedia or Parkable to find parking in real time. You’ll find street parking, public lots and private car parks. 

These handy sites show you details like: 

  • prices
  • mobility features
  • available spaces
  • special rates for early birds and nights. 

They even organise parking spots by distance, showing you which options are closest to where you need to be.

Share with Oscar in Brisbane 

You can pre-book affordable Brisbane parking using Share with Oscar (from just $10 for a whole day!). You’ll find loads of choices across most of Brisbane for rates that are more than 30% cheaper than other options. And of course, by pre-booking your spot, it’s reserved just for you – avoid the stress of competing for a park in the city.

Find a cheap car and make parking easier

We have thousands of cars parked in convenient and central locations – make parking easier with us. Use Uber Carshare and grab a car hire in Brisbane to explore the city at your own pace. 

And if you’ve got your car and parking is sorted, here’s how to read parking signs. (Don’t get stuck in CBD traffic wondering whether or not you can stop there…) Or, find more info on the best and worst parking in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

FAQ: Parking in Brisbane

Is there free parking in Brisbane City?

Free parking in Brisbane City is limited. Certain areas offer short-term free street parking for a maximum of 15 minutes. Some shopping centres may provide free parking for a limited duration as part of their customer service.

Where can I park my car in Brisbane?

You can park in various commercial car parks, council-operated car parks, and street parking areas in Brisbane. Secure Parking and Wilson Parking are major providers, and there are several options in the CBD and surrounding areas.

How much does it cost to park in Brisbane City?

Parking costs in Brisbane City vary widely. Street parking can cost around $1.60 to $4.40 per hour, depending on the zone. Car park rates vary, starting around $10/day. Some offer early bird rates around $20 and daily rates exceeding $50. The cheapest way to park long-term is to book monthly parking in advance. You can park for 15 minutes for free all across the CBD.

Can you park on the street in Brisbane?

Yes, you can park on the street in Brisbane. The Brisbane City Council manages street parking with various time limits and pricing (from $1.60 to $4.40 per hour), depending on the zone.

Is there a discount for long-term parking in Brisbane?

Long-term parking discounts are available in Brisbane, especially with monthly parking subscriptions offered by major parking providers like Secure Parking and Wilson Parking.

Is there a seasonal variation in parking fees in Brisbane?

There is no real seasonal variation in parking fees in Brisbane. Rates generally remain consistent throughout the year, but special rates may be offered during events or holidays.

Are there any specific rules and regulations for parking in Brisbane?

Brisbane has specific parking rules and regulations, including time-limited parking, no-parking zones, and clearways. You must adhere to posted signs and regulations to avoid fines.

Are there any paid parking apps available for Brisbane?

Yes, there are paid parking apps available for Brisbane, including Parkable, Parkhound, CellOPark, and Secure-a-Spot, which allow you to find and pay for parking spaces via your smartphone.

Are there any underground parking lots in Brisbane?

Brisbane has several underground parking lots, especially in the CBD area. These are typically operated by companies like Secure Parking and Wilson Parking and offer convenient parking options close to major attractions and business areas.