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Rent a cheap pet-friendly car for your next roadtrip!

Finding a pet-friendly car for your next holiday or roadtrip is easy with Uber Carshare.

Do you want to rent a dog friendly car?

It isn't always easy finding a pet-friendly rental car. Many rental companies either won't offer it, or they will charge a premium to let you bring your pet along on your next trip to one of Sydney's best dog friendly beaches


It's important when you go on a roadtrip to be mindful of your dog's safety and health. Ken Lyons, co-founder of Pet Life Today, suggests buying a collapsible water bowl that you can carry in your purse or backpack, so that you can easily feed or give water to your dog to avoid dehydration.

How to rent a pet-friendly car in your suburb

Uber Carshare has hundreds of cars that are pet friendly, that you can book instantly. We also have free membership and signing up as a borrower only takes about five minutes. There are lots of cars, vans and utes available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and the Gold Coast, so now it's easy to live car free and just access a car when you need one.

Here's how to find pet friendly cars to rent.

Signup in 5 minutes!

1: Filter your search

From the Uber Carshare search page, select 'Filters'.


2: Scroll down to the 'Amenities' option


3: Select the Pet Friendly option from the list to see all available dog-friendly cars.


From here, you will be able to find all the cars in your area that allow pets, so that you can take your dog (or cat) with you when you rent a vehicle.

You'll need to become a member of Uber Carshare to rent a car. It's free and simple to join Uber Carshare's neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing community.

Here are some examples of pet friendly rental cars in Sydney


Find a pet friendly rental car


If you are planning on renting out a pet friendly car, please don't forget that that doesn't mean the owner wants it borrowed and returned covered in pooch prints and wet dog hair!

Make sure to take some old towels or blankets or a purpose-designed seat cover, to keep the seats or boot clean.


I want free membership

Uber Carshare has pet friendly car rentals all over Australia, we hope you and your pooch, kitten or...bird(?) have a great time on their trip with you!


Uber Carshare is a peer to peer car sharing platform, which means that the cars you drive are owned by people in your community.

We provide the technology, safety and platform to facilitate this exchange. Think of us as the Airbnb of car hire.


Millions of Australians have cars that are sitting around being wasted, depreciating in value, taking up space doing nothing.

We started Uber Carshare so that regular people can make money out of their cars, changing the "one person, one car mentality".


It's cheap, simple and unlike other short term car-sharing programs in Australia, we have free membership.

The minimum time you can borrow a car for is one hour, and you could find cars within walking distance from your house.

Borrowing a car from your neighbour means your money is going back to your local community.

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