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3 businesses, 4 cars, and 5 kids: why this hard-working businessman still manages a fleet on Uber Carshare

Why does a successful global businessman (and busy family man) still share a fleet on Uber Carshare? The $3,500 monthly gross income might help explain it. But there’s more to this story. We asked the veteran owner for the keys to his longevity.

Linden Brown

Rob runs businesses that span the globe, works 60 hours each week, and is raising five kids. Safe to say, time’s not something he has a lot of.

Despite having a full plate, he still manages four vehicles on Uber Carshare and plans to add more. Five years after listing his first car, we were keen to ask the veteran owner what makes it work so well for him. Why does he stick around?

A reliable passive income

In the busier months, Rob’s fleet now brings in around $3,500 per month (before costs). That drops in the quieter months, but it still reliably brings him in $1500.

After four years he’d brought in over $60,000. But for three of those years, he really only shared one car. So his earnings have gone up significantly this last year.

An unusual start

Rob had an unusual start with Uber Carshare — he bought a vehicle specifically to trial the platform. It was a trusty ute. While many people start by sharing their spare car, for Rob it was always a business venture. A way to bring in more money without too much more effort.

“I had a spreadsheet for everything. The outgoings and incomings. And I tracked how the car compared to 10 other similar vehicles in the area, to see how it was competing from a price perspective. And it made money.”

Two more utes and a Kia Carnival later, Rob’s got his systems figured out and can now be far more hands off.

“It’ll get used for three months and I don't even see it. And then when I do go and clean it, I just give it a vacuum and wash. And a polish every six months.”

Running as a business

After taking that initial risk, Rob’s now set his fleet up as a business. He says that a key part of his longevity is not being attached to his cars. So on the rare occasion there’s a new scratch or bump that needs fixing, he doesn’t feel precious about it. He just contacts the Uber Carshare team and it’s dealt with.

He goes on to explain more about the business income. “I’m not going to retire on it. But it’s a really easy way to have more money coming in every week for very little effort.”

Pictured: Rob with one of his fleet
Pictured: Rob with one of his fleet

“It’s a great positive”

So after all this time, what would he tell people about Uber Carshare?

“It can be easy, and it makes money without taking up too much time. I think it's a good service. It's a good idea.”

Rob convinced a staff member to share her car while she was on holiday for 5 weeks, which she was really happy with. And his brother has also followed suit, now listing two cars on Uber Carshare and planning for a third.

Before we hang up, Rob gives his final response to our initial question, why’s he stuck around so long?

“The best part about it is, in general, it doesn’t take much. One of the utes sits in the street about 2 K’s from where I live. But I never see it. It’s out all the time. I don’t need to do anything.”

“Another one sits outside work. I cleaned it before I went away in June, and I haven’t had to do a thing to it since. It really doesn’t take a lot of effort.”

And on reflection, we can’t help but agree. Rob did have five cars listed, but recently took one off to give to his daughter when she turned 18. So if Rob can manage five cars on the platform, while working 60 hours and looking after five kids: it really doesn’t take much to make it work.

Interested in putting your car to work or starting a business like Rob? Learn more about sharing your car.