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Why This Couple Toured the Royal National Park in a Convertible

“Renting a convertible made all the difference. It was one of the best drives of my life.” Gregory loves to drive cars. But for this frugal Sydneysider, choosing Uber Carshare is about more than that – it also keeps the costs down. Discover why a Data Analyst and a Doctor live car free.

Linden Brown

Keeping costs down without a car

Gregory and his partner, Jennyfer, landed in Sydney this year after a stint in Canada from their homeland – beautiful Brazil. While in Canada, they discovered the ease of car sharing.

Newly arrived in Sydney without a car, they wanted the most cost-effective option to get around. So they did a bit of research.

“Cost was the main driver. When you compare it with traditional car rental companies, using Uber Carshare is cheaper. They also don’t have the subscription price that some other car sharing companies do.”

Gregory and Jennyfer live in Olympic Park, so they find the mix of public transport and Uber Carshare great for getting around.

“We live near a train station and there are plenty of buses. And when I use Uber Carshare, I usually use the instant keys option, so I don’t even need to meet the owners. It’s so easy.”

Getting around on weekends

Jennyfer is a doctor. Sometimes she needs to move around to different hospitals in one weekend day. To save time, she grabs a car on Uber Carshare and uses that to get around.

And as for a weekend adventure? That’s where the platform shines.

Gregory really enjoys driving different cars. So when the time comes for some weekend fun, he rarely picks the same make or model.

“Besides the price factor, I always try to pick up a different car I’m curious about. And there are so many options. If you go to a car rental company, the models are usually pretty basic, right? Uber Carshare is a great option if you want to try something different.”

So what happened when it was time to choose a car for his birthday?

The trip of a lifetime

Gregory's partner at Sea Cliff Bridge

What sounds better than cruising along the spectacular South Coast, through the Royal National Park and down to Sea Cliff Bridge for a picnic?

How about doing it in a convertible?

That was Gregory’s choice. The sun was shining, and his first ride in a convertible didn’t disappoint.

“Renting a convertible made all the difference. It was one of the best drives of my life.”

Gregory and his partner's picnic lunch basket at Sea Cliff Bridge

“We took the car in the morning at about 7 or 8 am. Drove there, spent some time in the Royal National Park, then crossed the bridge and had a picnic. It was a great day. Even a bit of rain at the end didn’t spoil it!”

So would he recommend it to others thinking of a getaway?

“It’s easy, and it’s cheap. There’s no reason not to use it. It’s a no-brainer.”

Fancy making your own weekend getaway? Grab yourself a car and read about Sydney’s best day trips.