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Saving Memories: How Uber Carshare Made Our Dog's Final Family Holiday So Good

“We fitted four adults, two kids, all our bags and the dog in the back. And we saved $3000 on car hire costs.” Ameet took his family on one final trip with their Labrador last year. Join their heartwarming journey to find out how, where – and did it get the final approval of a wagging tail?

Linden Brown

Ameet and his wife, Su, have always been dog lovers. They even bonded over it when they first got to know each other.  

Google celebrating a family Christmas

At the end of last year, they were planning their annual family holiday with the kids and their beloved dog, Google. Su's parents were also in town, but they didn’t own a vehicle large enough to carry four adults, two young kids and a big golden Lab in the back.

No worries – Ameet grabbed a van from Uber Carshare.

“Being late December, hiring larger vehicles was nearly impossible, and the ones available were exorbitantly expensive.

“I ended up hiring a people mover from Uber Carshare for peanuts compared to car hire companies. It saved us over $3,000 in car hire costs.”

Memories to hold close

It was a spectacular trip to the Byron Bay hinterland.

Google enjoying the family holiday

"We really enjoyed it, especially because it was Google's last one and he got to do all the things that he loved – swimming, running and lots of ear rubs.”

On a previous trip, they chose a people mover and drove everyone to a farmstay at the foothills of Lamington National Park (near Queensland’s border with New South Wales). Are you thinking of doing something similar? We can report that Google approved of the fresh air, abundance of sticks, streams and space to roam.

Making moving house simple

Ameet has also used Uber Carshare to help the family move into their newly built house in Brisbane.

Ameet used a specialist moving van for the big day. But as they built, some things needed to be delivered to the new house – bathtub, toilets and furniture.

Without owning a van or ute, he could grab one quickly and make delivery simple.

“One was a Hilux ute to get sand and gravel for landscaping. It’s just so easy, rather than paying a premium for delivery or a traditional hire car.”

“It’s a no-brainer”

Ameet likes to save money where he can. But there’s more to his longevity as an Uber Carshare user.

Three key things bring him back – the ease of use, quality vehicles and, of course, cost.

“It was so easy to use. Just get the free app and then it’s all secure. You take pictures, upload them, and never have to meet the owner. I’m getting something at a fraction of the cost and it’s good quality.

“If anyone has hired a car before, they’ll see how much cheaper it will be. And more than that – it’s flexible. So flexible.”

Flexible enough for Ameet to pick up a convertible Audi last minute for a trip to Queen Mary Falls. What better way to celebrate 15 years together?

Ameet and Su celebrated 15 years together in style by hiring a convertible

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