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Renting out my car helped me buy a new one

Here's how renting out my car helped me fund my music business and buy a new car.

Shannon Barker

Courtney runs a music business in Sydney. She has been renting her van out between gigs through Uber Carshare, and now the earnings have helped her buy a Rav4. We caught up with Courtney to hear how things are going with her growing Uber Carshare fleet.

So Courtney, why did you join Uber Carshare?

Originally we started with our business’s van, as we had a lot of music gear that we needed to cart around for our shows.

We realised in the down time between our shows, our van was kinda sitting there not being utilised in those quiet periods, and we thought that we would try putting it on Uber Carshare to bring in some extra income towards the business.

What’s your business all about?

Our business, Surveillance Party, is a local Sydney record label, supporting and growing upcoming artists through releasing music and doing live shows.

And you just listed a new car?

After the success of our van, we were able to afford another vehicle to put on the platform and make further financial gains towards our business. That’s when we decided to jump in and get our RAV4.

I want to turn my car into a source of income like Courtney does!

List your car

What are you gonna use it for?

We wanted to get a nifty little unit that would make a fun getaway car for checking out music festivals or adventures with friends, but also with enough room for music gear in the back.

We do a few trips up around Byron each year to check out a lot of the music and culture happening in that part of the world. It’s a great feeling cruising down the highway with the sunroof, but at the same time, when the car gets back to Sydney, it’s out there working for us again.

Who uses your vehicles on Uber Carshare?

We’ve seen a wide range of different faces appear on our booking schedule. Anyone from likeminded people like us heading off to a music festival and packing camping gear, to a neighbour moving to a new house.

It’s kinda cool to see people renting out my car and having fun - the other day I was walking down the street and I spotted my van in a different area, and two keen faces were taking my vehicle on a mission. It felt good knowing that I could help them in that situation.

It was also a funny feeling walking right past, without them knowing it was mine, like “heh heh, you’re in my van”.