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Renting her car out helps Edwina live well on $20k a year in Sydney

Edwina's story: how rentng my car out helps me live well on under $20k in Sydney.

Shannon Barker

With creativity, resourcefulness and a generous nature, longstanding Uber Carshare member Edwina survives happily on $20,000 a year in Sydney.

Part of that comes from renting out her Tarago – a Uber Carshare favourite for nearly three years.

Edwina recently told the Sydney Morning Herald:

“My work has often taken me overseas living in places that are really poor and even when I’m doing it the toughest I feel really wealthy in this country,” she says.

“I know what a luxury it is to turn your tap on and get hot water.”

Edwina gets around on her electric bike when she’s not using her van for catering or performing arts gigs; has dinner at home with friends instead of eating out, and swaps, barters and shares through sites like Gumtree and Freecycle.

Edwina says that she looks for good quality instead of low prices, and keeps a close eye on spending in all aspects of life to and reduce waste.

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