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How Carey turned her passion for furniture rescue into a business with the help of Uber Carshare

Being affordable is a big plus for me. Because I am starting out I need to keep my operational costs low. Uber Carshare helps me do that.

Jessica Pilon-Summons

Carey Shotton is a small business owner who has turned her passion for furniture rescue and restoration into a business, Retropolitan Design. Carey takes retro furniture that’s unloved (in some cases destined for the tip) and turns it into contemporary masterpieces. Check out her designs on Instagram.

As the owner of a recently launched business, Carey is focused on keeping her running costs low.

“I don’t need a van frequently enough to justify owning one,” said Carey. “I have considered using Airtasker, but the quote for a single furniture pick up was $200! When I saw that I could rent a van from Uber Carshare for $40, it was really a no-brainer for my business.”

“Being affordable is a big plus for me. Because I am starting out I need to keep my operational costs low. Uber Carshare helps me do that.”

For Carey, convenient and reliable access to vans at a moment’s notice is essential to the operations of her business.

“I need to be able to get a van quickly because people tend to want to get rid of furniture straight away. With Uber Carshare I know that there will be a van available nearby that I can rent for a couple of hours on short notice.”

“You can choose what you want and off you go within 15 minutes. I wouldn’t get that kind of flexibility from a hire car company,” she said.

Sustainability is important to Carey’s business. “I really enjoy taking pieces of furniture that would otherwise end up in the tip and giving them a new life,” she shared. “It’s nice that Uber Carshare is also focused on sustainability. It aligns with the values of my business.”

Carey shared her top tips for anyone wanting to use Uber Carshare vans for their small business:

  1. Understand which vans are close by and when they’re usually available so that you can be responsive.
  2. While many vans you borrow will include straps, it’s handy to have your own blankets and straps on hand.
  3. Give your referral code out to friends and family - you can earn $15 for each person who takes a trip or lists a car, which can really reduce your own trip costs.

When asked if she would recommend using Uber Carshare, Carey said:

“It’s worth it. For me, the usability of it just makes it essential. It’s great, I can borrow a van for an hour, and top-up if I need it.  It’s just so flexible.”

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