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Meet Lucie and Stuart: two car-sharing neighbours from Melbourne

Lucie only drives a couple of times during the week. Stuart needs a car from time-to-time on the weekends. They share a car through car-sharing platform Uber Carshare.

Shannon Barker

Lucie and Stuart are neighbours in Brunswick, Melbourne - they share a car through Uber Carshare.

Lucie rents out her 2011 Volkswagen Golf through Uber Carshare. She only drives a couple of times during the week, so she makes it available for her neighbours to borrow at other times.

Stuart lives just around the corner. He doesn’t own a car and only uses one from time-to-time, like when he needs to travel out of the city for work. Rather than buying a car he rarely uses, Stuart chooses to live car free and borrows Lucie’s car when he needs to drive.

“I do a lot of weekend work down at Mornington Peninsula and that seems to be the time Lucie doesn’t need the car so it works out well,” he said.

Stuart has been using Uber Carshare since 2015 and borrows a car a couple times a month on average. It’s helped him get around easily and cheaply, avoiding the expense and hassle of owning a car.

“It’s nowhere near as expensive as if I owned the car but I do drive it and treat it as if it is my own.”

Lucie first joined Uber Carshare as a borrower before she bought her car. She’s been renting out her car since April 2017 and the money she’s earned has cut the expense of owning her car significantly.

Renting my car is great - it basically pays for my insurance and covers the cost of the car.”

Find Lucie's car, and others like it on our Car hire in Melbourne page.

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