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How Kayla creates delight for car sharers

Amanda Grace Wall
Amanda Grace Wall

Meet Kayla.

In her early 20′s, Kayla found herself with a car, but no licence.

The car was a cute purple Ford Festiva, a gift from an aunt. Kayla’s dad had nicknamed it “POG” (due to its numberplate and undeniable POG-ishness).

But POG was mostly just sitting around until Kayla got her P’s, and Kayla had to ask people to drive him now and then just to keep him in good condition.

Then Kayla heard about Uber Carshare from a friend at work.

Renting her car out seemed like a good way to get him driven regularly and offset the cost of ownership.

How Kayla “creates delight” for borrowers

A User Experience (UX) designer who’s “frustrated with mediocrity, passionate about UX” (and who writes a great blog on the topic), Kayla had a few ideas about how to provide a great experience for people who borrowed POG. She personalised her car with a little welcome note, and stocked up on mints, tissues, a first aid kit, and other little comforts for borrowers.



Kayla generally doesn’t notice when people are taking or returning her car, so hasn’t had the chance to meet many of POG’s borrowers in person. But she’s noticed a couple of regulars making bookings, and sometimes wonders what adventures POG gets up to while out on bookings.

A few weeks ago, Kayla put a guest book in the car. It’s fun to read some notes from borrowers who’ve taken POG to exotic locations. (Like … ALDI. Ah, well – better than being stuck in the driveway all day!)


Kayla now has a driver licence. But since she can walk to the shops, and get to work & the city by tram, she doesn’t need to drive much.

Kayla sometimes drives to work if she’s running late; or to get across town to visit her parents, but otherwise POG is at the ready to help out car-less neighbours in Yarraville.

And at just $4 an hour, with mints and some seriously well-thought-out UX thrown in, we reckon POG is a car-share bargain.

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