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Uber Carshare helps Pat and Mel enjoy weekend road trips for less

When Pat and Mel moved to Sydney from the USA, exploring the local area was top of their to do list. Car sharing with Uber Carshare makes their weekend road trips easy and affordable.

Shannon Barker

Pat and his girlfriend Mel moved to Sydney from the US when he got a job offer as a researcher at Macquarie University. They love borrowing cars through the Uber Carshare community - and have found a way to make their car-free life pay for their weekend road trips!

“I’d always wanted to come to Australia,” says Pat. “I thought I might do it when I’m older with kids and we’d come on a holiday. Then I got a job offer and thought ‘Why not?’ It’s a nice change of pace - and Trump is still President - so I was happy to make the move.”

Pat and Mel chose to live somewhere central, near to public transport, so they could live car-free and not worry about owning a car or driving in a new country. Day to day they get around by train, bus or bike. They live right on a bike path so Pat’s commute to uni is an easy ride the whole way.

“After about six months, I thought it would be nice to explore areas outside of Sydney - so that’s when I started looking at car sharing. A friend suggested Uber Carshare as an alternative to GoGet, so I checked it out. It worked out a lot cheaper for me, so I signed up.”

Living close to public transport means that Pat doesn’t need to use a car too often, so car sharing is simpler and cheaper than owning a car. He’s even found a clever way to fund his car use using the empty car space that comes with his apartment.

“I rent out my parking space on Parkhound and the money I get from that pretty much funds my Uber Carshare use.”

Pat has two favourite cars near him, and between them he can always get a car when he needs one. Even though there’s a GoGet just down the street, he’s happy to walk a little further to get to his favourite Uber Carshare.

“I like James’ Mazda 3 because it’s always clean and it’s really easy to find parking. If it’s not available I’ll go for my other favourite car.”

“I love the Blue Mountains. I love driving in general, especially along mountain roads. The drive through the Royal National Park heading south to Sea Cliff Bridge is beautiful, or the scenic drive down to Jervis Bay.”

“I love the topography of this area. I’m from the mid-west USA where it’s really flat, so being able to drive through mountains is exciting!”

It’s not just the affordability and convenience that makes Pat love Uber Carshare.

“I also like the philosophy of the company. I like that there’s a community of owners renting out their cars, and I like the logo and the cute little faces. There’s little things like that that add up to make me really prefer Uber Carshare.”

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