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How sharing cars can change lives

Hear Harriet's and Edwina's experience with Uber Carshare who can now take their kids to play sport or have their cars make them money!

Shannon Barker

We’re really proud of what we have achieved in our first year of building Australia’s first neighbour-to-neighbour car sharing network.

Here are just two of the car sharing stories from our Sydney members that make us love what we do.


Harriet was struggling to get her two young boys to soccer and rugby training (each at separate locations!) using buses and taxis.

Her younger son wasn’t going to be able to play rugby, because it was just too hard to get to training without a car.

Now she borrows Jamie’s Audi to get them to Saturday sports.

Harriet’s life is a lot easier, she can live car free and her two boys can play the sports they want to play. She’s been proud to see her son scoring tries on the rugby field, and is really happy to be able to do more fun stuff with her kids.


Edwina owns a van to do deliveries for her catering business.

She earns really solid income from the van by renting her car out when she’s not using it, which more than covers the costs of owning it.

Edwina doesn’t earn a whole lot from the catering gig, so this really makes a difference to her life.

You call that life-changing?

OK, so it’s not life changing in the “I gave someone a new kidney!” sense. But it’s making ordinary people’s lives a little bit easier.

It’s a sign that we’re taking those first steps towards a future where we don’t all need to own a car in order to have the mobility car ownership brings.

It feels good.

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