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Rent a car from a private owner: peer-to-peer car rental Australia

Renting a car from a private car owner, or peer to peer car rental, is a form of car sharing. Private car rentals from $5/hr or $25/day + distance.

Maryse Dubois

Renting a car from a private car owner (or peer-to-peer car rental) is a form of car-sharing. Everyday people are safely and securely renting their cars out to people in their community.

It’s typically cheaper than traditional car hire, which is why it is growing in popularity among everyday Australians. Whether you're a local or visiting Australia for a short time, peer-to-peer car-sharing is an easy and cost effective way to access a car when you need one.

Australia's biggest peer-to-peer car-sharing network is Uber Carshare.

How does it work?

Uber Carshare provides the platform, technology, damage and loss cover, and support to enable people to safely rent out or borrow a car from a private owner. We facilitate the bookings and billings, and you’re covered by damage and loss cover and roadside assistance when you borrow cars.

Uber Carshare Membership is FREE

To rent cars from private car owners:

  1. Sign up for free
  2. We'll verify your accont within three business hours, seven days a week
  3. Download the app on iOS or Android or find a car on our website to make a booking.
  4. Get all the instructions you need – from getting the keys to buying fuel and returning the car - in the app

A huge variety of cars

Small cars, large cars, convertibles, utes and vans: you can rent them all from private owners all around Australia. Once you’re a verified member you can borrow any car on the platform.


Find a car to hire from a private owner near you

Damage cover included

When you borrow a car, you’re covered by damage and loss cover . If something goes wrong, you'd just need to pay the excess (subject to exclusions).

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Every car comes with roadside assistance. If you get a flat battery, flat tyre or break down, you can call for help any hour of the day.

Easy pick up

Our app gives you all the instructions you need to pick up the car and get on the road. You'll either meet the Owner to pick up the keys, or generate a code through the app to open a lockbox and get the keys.

Benefits of renting cars from private owners


Traditional car rentals charge by the day. This means that if you need a car for just a few hours, you still pay for a whole day. With Uber Carshare, you can book a car for as little as one hour, so you only pay for the time you need. Our daily rates are also cheaper than traditional rental cars, and membership is free.


Unless you live near an airport, chances are there isn’t a car rental agency within walking distance. Uber Carshare has cars available all over Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Wollongong, Newcastle and Canberra. There could be a car just around the corner from your house or hotel, or even right in your street!

Environmental Benefits

Most cars in Australia sit idle for about 95% of the time. By putting them to work, peer-to-peer car-sharing is making better use of the resources we already have and reducing the waste of underused cars.

Carbon Offsetting

We help offset the emissions from your driving by purchasing certified renewable carbon offsets.