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Peer to peer car sharing in Australia and the world

Maryse Dubois

This graphic was recently shared by Zendrive (the startup from ex-Facebook and Google guys who’ve set themselves the grand goal of ‘fixing driving’).

Even if it’s too early to sound the death knell of the privately-owned car, the move to shared mobility is gaining some serious momentum; and
Some companies are more creative than others when it comes to naming their service. (Carrot, anyone?)
As Zendrive’s blog post points out, this revolution is moving fast. In fact, the speed at which new transportation alternatives are popping up has outpaced regulatory systems that have grown up around the private motor car.

We’ve seen some skirmishes – and in places, full-blown battles – between ride sharing and car sharing organisations and regulators. They have been most intense in the litigious environment of the U.S.

We’re excited about the future of all of these alternatives to the old one-person, one-car model, and proud that Uber Carshare is breaking ground as Australia’s first peer-to-peer car sharing platform.

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