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How to Find Cheap Parking in Sydney

Jessica Pilon-Summons

In a city as busy as Sydney, parking can be hard to find. Especially if you want something affordable. 

Whether you’re visiting the harbour city for work or play, we’ve got you. Here’s our ultimate guide to the cheapest parking in Sydney CBD and surrounds. We’ll cover:

We even touch on free parking in Sydney (yes, it’s possible!). Let’s get motoring. 

First, here’s a quick summary of Sydney parking for you.

15-minute free parking

Extended free parking (limited spots)

Metered street parking (limited spots)

Commercial car park

Sydney CBD





North Sydney















Newtown & Inner West





Manly & Northern Beaches





Parking Sydney: Where to find free and cheap parking in Sydney 

brown and white buildings
Photo by Alvin Balemesa / Unsplash

In some popular retail precincts, you can find 15-minute free parking in Sydney. But most street parking comes at a cost. Find rates, rules and locations in this handy parking meter map.

While street parking is usually the most affordable option, it also gets snapped up quickly. So don’t rely on finding a street park exactly when you need it – you should always know where the commercial car parks are, too, just in case. Options like Parkhound, Wilson Parking and Secure Parking are more affordable if you pre-book. There, you can choose from a range of options: from monthly, to hourly or overnight parking. 

Parking in Sydney CBD

Whether you need parking near the Opera House or street parking in Sydney CBD, there are a few options.

Wilson Parking under the Opera House is open 24 hours. On Harris St and nearby, the flat rate and on-street 2P spots are great for visits. For Royal Botanic Garden parking, consider 24-hour street parking or book ahead at the Domain Car Park and The Wharf Woolloomooloo Car Park.

Let’s have a look at the city’s most popular spots and help you find the cheapest parking in Sydney CBD.

Circular Quay Parking

a wooden bench sitting in the middle of a body of water
Photo by Simon Hurry / Unsplash

Circular Quay parking can be tricky – it’s a bustling, vibrant hub that’s busy day and night. There is no free parking. For Opera House views or exploring The Rocks, Wilsons on George St is convenient for casual drivers. The car park on Reiby Pl, with a lower Pitt St entry and exit, caters perfectly for quick trips. For longer stays, book ahead to save.

Town Hall Parking

a large building with a clock on the top of it
Photo by 𝘗𝘪𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘦-𝘏𝘦𝘯𝘳𝘺 de Soria / Unsplash

The Citigroup Centre Carpark across from Town Hall station is ideal for Town Hall parking. Nearby streets like George, Druitt and Park Streets also have metered parking, but these get taken quickly. 

Parking in The Rocks

black house near bridge
Photo by Jamie Davies / Unsplash

Exploring galleries, markets and historic sites in The Rocks is a quintessential Sydney experience. Alongside cafes and highly Instagrammable hotspots is Clocktower Car Park, and 1P street spots on George, Essex or Harrington St are also convenient. (But like all CBD parking, these street spots are hard to win.)

Parking in Surry Hills

man in black jacket walking on sidewalk near white concrete building during daytime
Photo by Ivan Tsaregorodtsev / Unsplash

This buzzing precinct hums with activity day and night. So street parking in Surry Hills can be challenging. But if you’re lucky, timed parking along Crown, Bourke and nearby streets is handy to most places. Or you can pre-book at the Holt Street Car Park.

Motorcycle parking in the CBD

brown standard motorcycle near wire fence during daytime
Photo by Christopher Burns / Unsplash

As part of their Sydney City Centre Access Strategy, the City of Sydney encourages motorcycle parking in Sydney CBD. What exactly does this mean for you? Free parking! 

Transport for NSW says, “Motorcycle and scooter riders don’t need to pay at any of the parking meters in our local area, including central Sydney. Simply park as you usually would but remember to observe the time restrictions.”

Learn more about Sydney’s motorcycle and scooter parking, and be careful – there are some special conditions in some areas.

Parking in North Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge over water with a city in the background
Photo by Gilly Tanabose / Unsplash

Street parking in North Sydney fills early, so arrive before 9 am on weekdays for your best chance to nab a spot. Many streets only offer 1 hour parking in North Sydney so check signs carefully before you stop.

For longer stays, Wilson Parking gives you lots of options, and pre-booking will mean cheaper parking across North Sydney.

Is there any free parking in North Sydney?

There’s no free street parking in North Sydney, but some churches or schools offer free after-hours or weekend parking if spaces are available. Check community notice boards online for these opportunities.

Parking in Parramatta

white and black duck on water during daytime
Photo by Tarryn Myburgh / Unsplash

Parking in Parramatta CBD

Wilsons on Hunter and a few along George Street are all great choices that will park you in the thick of Parramatta's growing dining and nightlife scene. Try Macquarie and Harris Streets for the University of Western Sydney. Tip: find real-time free and cheap parking in Parramatta with Parkopedia.

Parking in Westmead

Hospital visitors can choose one of two Secure Parking car parks right next to the hospital. Nearby timed spots also serve the busy medical precinct within walking distance of care, but don’t rely on finding a spot in time for your appointment or visit.

Parking in Chatswood and Hornsby

Parking in Chatswood

An affordable option for parking in Chatswood is the underground car park beneath Chatswood Chase on Victoria Avenue for up to 4 hours. Otherwise, there are Wilson Parking and Secure Parking options. There is free parking in Chatswood on some streets, but it’s highly limited.

Parking in Hornsby

Flexible options like Wilsons on George St or nearby limited-time street spots allow easy access to  Hornsby's restaurants and facilities from $15 daily.

Parking in Brookvale

Some good news – you can find free parking on weekends and after 6 pm on weekdays if you need to go shopping along Pittwater Road. For longer visits, try the multi-storey car park above Warringah Mall.

Parking in Newtown and the Inner West

a row of buildings on a city street
Photo by Bree Evans / Unsplash

Newtown Parking 

Street parking in Newtown, Sydney, is metered but is usually your most affordable option (ranging from $2.60-$4.60 per hour). A local fave, King Street buzzes with colourful nightlife and busy boutiques, so get in quick or hope it’s your lucky day. You can also pre-book at several multi-level car parks via Secure Parking.

Parking in Glebe

Explore popular local cafes and shops along Glebe Point Road and Toxteth Rd with metered street parking. Try Parkopedia for real-time available parking at great rates. 

Parking in Manly and the Northern Beaches

people walking seashore
Photo by Adrian Rem / Unsplash

Parking in Manly

No matter what time of day you arrive, there’ll be plenty of competition for metered street parking in Manly (it’s a Sydney icon, after all). There is also plenty of available free parking in Manly. Or choose between four car parks that allow you 2 hrs free and become paid after that. Try Manly Wharf Car Park for parking in Manly Wharf that you can pre-book. 

Parking in Freshwater and Curl Curl

Cafes, walks and waves attract many here on weekends. Off-street parking beneath Westfield in Freshie is ideal from $10 before 6 pm. Nearby Curl Curl also provides timed parking among its beaches.

Parking in Newport and Bilgola

For picnics, surfing, or weekends away, enjoy free all-day parking along Barrenjoey Rd or at Bilgola Beach and Newport SLSCs. Their family-friendly locations make the most of the Northern Beaches lifestyle.

Parking in Bondi and Coogee Beach

body of water
Photo by Kevin Bosc / Unsplash

Parking in Bondi

For waves or walks, you can’t go past Bondi Beach's vibrant coastline. Enjoy a flat rate at Wilson car park opposite the beach and timed parking along Campbell Parade before 10 am or after 4 pm. 

Parking in Coogee

Cafes and surfers crowd Arden Street's off-street stand from just $15 all day. Nearby timed parking along Coogee Bay Road or Carr Street before and after peak also lets you relax into beachside exploring.

Parking in Maroubra

Parking beneath Westfield or nearby side streets is our choice for Maroubra. You’ll be close to surfing spots, walks or weekend sports at Coogee Oval. 

Tips for Sydney parking

city with high rise buildings and bridge during daytime
Photo by Leigh / Unsplash

Parking in Sydney can be daunting whether you're a regular visitor or sightseeing while you're nearby. Knowing where you're going to park will really help. Here are a few more things to help your trip go smoothly.

  • Know your options. There’s high competition for street parking in Sydney. While it's usually affordable, it may lead to a stressful day if it's your only option and unavailable when you need it. Make sure you have a Plan B (or C!).
  • Try 15 minutes free. For a quick stop in the city’s retail precincts, try the new 15-minute free parking option that’s currently on trial. Participating areas will have parking meters marked with ‘1/4P free with ticket’. Be careful not to overstay your welcome, or it could turn into a very expensive park.
  • Pay with an app. Apps like Park n Pay are a great way to find and pay for metered parking in Sydney. You can set up your car profile and payment method and pay directly from your phone instead of at a meter.
  • Get a permit. Are you a City of Sydney resident or a business owner? You can probably apply for a parking permit. But remember, while your permit might exempt you from limits and fees sometimes, it won’t reserve you a spot.
  • Pre-book online. If you choose to use one of the many private multi-storey car parks available, you can still save a lot of money by booking ahead (up to 60% at some!). 

At both Wilson Parking and Secure Parking, you can choose an all-day early bird parking option if the hours suit you. Pre-booking this option will usually save you the most amount of money. 

The best thing about parking this way is having a guaranteed spot when you arrive. Just open the website and type in your destination – simple.

  • Use your discounted parking when visiting a tourist destination. Some tourist destinations like the Australian Maritime Museum offer you cheaper parking along with your ticket. So if you’re headed to a popular destination, check their website first – many places offer discounted or even free parking for the day.

Other ways to find the cheapest parking in Sydney


Use Parkopedia to find parking in real time. You’ll find currently available options for street parking, public lots and private car parks. 

This nifty site shows you details like prices, mobility features, available spaces, and special rates for early birds and nights. It even organises parking spots by distance, helping you pick the most suitable one for your budget and destination.

Share with Oscar Sydney Parking

You can pre-book affordable Sydney parking by using Share with Oscar (from just $4/hour or $15/day). You’ll find loads of choices across most of Sydney for rates that are more than 30% cheaper than other options. Of course, by pre-booking your spot, it’s reserved just for you – avoid the stress of competing for a park in the city.

Find a cheap car and make parking easier

Now that you know all of the easiest and cheapest car parks, why not car share? Use Uber Carshare and grab a car hire in Sydney to explore the city at your own pace. We have thousands of cars parked in convenient and central locations – make parking easier with us. 

And if you’ve got your car and now your parking sorted – here’s how to read parking signs in Sydney. (Don’t get stuck in CBD traffic wondering whether or not you can stop there…) Or, find more info on the best and worst parking in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Where can I find the cheapest parking in Sydney CBD?

Exact locations for the cheapest parking in Sydney CBD vary depending on time and day. Compare prices at Wilson car parks like those on Bligh and Goulburn Streets, or the Secure Parking app. Street meters often provide the best hourly rates but fill quickly. Try Parkopedia or Share with Oscar to find the cheapest available parking in real time.

Are there any discount parking rates in Sydney CBD?

Wilson Parking and Secure Parking both offer discount rates for early arrival, registered clients or pre-booked monthly parking. Check their ‘Members’ or ‘Subscriptions’ sections. Try searching on Share with Oscar or Parkopedia for the most discounted rates in real time. 

Is there any free parking in the Sydney CBD?

Several car parks in the CBD offer free parking for a limited time. Try using Parkopedia to find a location closest to you. There is also a trial of 15-minute free parking in some city retail precincts – look for ‘1/4P free parking with ticket’ on the meter. No permanently free all-day parking is available in the CBD.

How much does it cost to park in Sydney CBD?

Prices start around $12/day and go up into the hundreds (depending on location, hours parked and pre-booking discounts through operators). The cheapest way to park long-term is to book monthly parking in advance. Street-metered spots provide the best short -stay value, but overstaying incurs heavy fines. In some popular city retail precincts, you can park for 15 minutes for free.

Are there any multi-day parking options in Sydney CBD?

Yes. Private car park operators (like Wilsons and Secure Parking) offer weekly and monthly packages. Costs vary depending on location and contract length. It pays to research subscriber benefits and sign up online directly with operators.