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New Owner Earnings Guarantee

Mel Centofant

The cost of living is rising, so why not make the most of an asset you probably never thought would earn you money: your car! By listing your car on Uber Carshare you can earn money by renting it out to our 300,000+ members.

Learn more about how car sharing works.

For a limited time, take advantage of our $1,500 earning guarantee

There's never been a better time to start earning!

List an eligible car between August 8 and  September 24 using the promo code for your state, and we guarantee that you'll earn at least $500 a month for any three months of our guarantee period (provided your car meets the guarantee conditions set out below). If you earn less, we’ll pay you the difference – up to $1,500 in total.  The guarantee period is defined as any months between August   and December 2022.

This offer is valid for the first 300 people in South Australia and the first 300 people in Victoria who list an eligible car using the applicable promo code, limited to 1 car per user.

How it works

1. List your car with a promo code

Use promo code ‘EARN’ for South Australian residents and ‘EARNIT’ for Victorian residents when listing your car.

Enter some details about your car, including its registration, pick-up location, availability and some photos to show it off. Don't forget to add the promo code when listing.

2. Meet the eligibility criteria

Have your car meet the criteria below for any 3 months during the guarantee period (August- December 2022). If you miss out on one month, you can still qualify for the next.

3. Kickstart your earnings

If your gross earnings (that is, your share of time and distance income) is less than $500 in any given month during the guarantee period, we’ll pay you the difference.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, your car must:

  • Have never been listed on Uber Carshare before
  • Be registered, roadworthy and well-maintained, and meet Uber Carshare’s car eligibility criteria
  • Be fully available for members aged 21 and up to book on at least 4 weekend days and at least 12 weekdays each calendar month. This means it must have no calendar blockouts on these days.
  • Use Instant Keys  to allow members to pick up and return keys from an electronic lockbox. Instant Keys sharing plans start from $19 per month
  • Receive at least one completed booking each calendar month
  • Maintain an owner cancellation rate below 10% for the calendar month
  • You also need to comply with the Owner Agreement and not do anything that's likely to stop your car getting bookings (like asking borrowers to cancel bookings or making it difficult for borrowers to book your car).
  • View the full Terms and Conditions

Ready to go? List a car to get started