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GoGet vs. Uber Carshare - Car Share Rates Comparison

GoGet car or Uber Carshare? Compare costs between GoGet car share & Uber Carshare for the cheapest car rentals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Gold Coast.

Shannon Barker

Car sharing is an easy and affordable way to have access to a vehicle whenever you need it, without having to own a car or pay for all the ongoing costs associated with it. If you’re living car free and you’ve decided to try car sharing, that’s a great decision! You’ve made the choice to save money and reduce your environmental footprint.

There are a few types of car sharing businesses around, with different rates and different ways of renting vehicles. You may have heard about Uber Carshare and GoGet. We’ll explain the differences between these two car sharing platforms, and compare the rates on some typical trips, to help you decide which platform suits you better.

The benefits of car sharing

If you don’t drive a lot and you want to save on the cost of buying and maintaining a car, then car sharing is a great way to do it. And it’s better than traditional car rental.

Reduce your costs

The cost of owning a car includes maintenance, insurance, registration and also the amount your car depreciates each year. Car sharing avoids all these costs, but still provides all the benefits of easy access to a vehicle when you need it.

Car sharing provides all the benefits of having a car, without the costs of car ownership.

Better than traditional car rental

Car sharing provides a much easier, cheaper and more flexible way of hiring a car, than traditional car rental. Unlike traditional car rental, one of the big differences with car sharing is that you can book a car for just the amount of time you need it. Car sharing provides complete flexibility, allowing you to book by the hour or by the day, and only pay for the time you need. But that’s only the start. There’s also no time consuming paperwork to complete, and you don’t have to front up to an office to exchange keys. Everything is done via an app.

Does all car sharing work the same?

Not all car sharing is the same, and the two main car sharing platforms in Australia, Uber Carshare and GoGet work slightly differently. GoGet is a fleet based service and owns the cars, while with Uber Carshare, the cars you borrow belong to people in your neighbourhood. These differences affect the availability of cars in your area, what you’ll pay to use the service, and ultimately determine which is best for you.

What’s the difference between GoGet and Uber Carshare?

Depending on whether you use Car Next door or GoGet you’ll find some other differences between the two services, including:

  • Location of vehicles
  • Types of vehicles
  • Hire Rates & Plans

Uber Carshare

Uber Carshare has cars located in inner city areas and throughout the suburbs in Australia’s main cities, as well as in popular regional areas. Compared to GoGet, Uber Carshare has more vehicles and has more cars located in the outer suburbs. This gives Car next Door a significant advantage over GoGet.

With Uber Carshare you can choose from a small hatch, a people mover, a van, a comfy SUV for a weekend away, or a Mercedes, if you really want to make an impression. With a wide choice of models and styles, there’s a car for every occasion.


With Goget, cars are located in designated car parks in Australia’s main cities. They tend to be more centralised in inner urban areas, with a smaller spread across the suburbs, compared with Uber Carshare.

GoGet provides a choice of vehicles, depending on your needs - from small hatches, to people movers, vans and SUVs.

For more details on Melbourne or Sydney coverage and prices across all car sharing providers, see our car sharing in Melbourne and car sharing in Sydney guides.

Uber Carshare has more cars across the city and in the suburbs.

Should I use GoGet or Uber Carshare?

For most people, working out which service is best comes down to comparing providers and seeing which one comes out on top. Everyone’s situation is different. For car sharing to work for your particular situation, it needs to be cost effective, reliable and easy to use. When considering Uber Carshare or GoGet, the questions that need answering are:

Are there cars in my area?

Car sharing will only work if you can rely on being able to book a car when you need it. It’s also important that it’s easy to get to. That means it needs to be in your local area, so you don’t have to travel far.

How much does it cost to use?

If car sharing costs too much, you simply won’t use it. Car sharing should be cost effective enough that you shouldn’t have to ask yourself whether you can afford to use it. The key is finding the most cost effective plan and knowing about any hidden costs.

Are there other advantages to using this service?

This may include considering the environmental impact or community impact of different car sharing models.

Car sharing works best when the car you book is located nearby and you don’t have to travel far to get it. Uber Carshare has a significant advantage over GoGet because it has more cars distributed across Australian cities and in the suburbs. If you live in the suburbs it’s highly likely you’ll find a Uber Carshare vehicle in your neighbourhood - or in your street!

The best service always has cars nearby and is cost effective.

GoGet rates vs Uber Carshare

How much you pay for a trip with Uber Carshare or GoGet depends on how long your booking is, the number of kilometres you travel, as well as your choice of cover. GoGet and Uber Carshare's car rental pricing is structured differently, so let’s take a more detailed look at their pricing and plans.  


With GoGet the hourly or daily rates vary depending on what membership you’re on. The higher the cost of your membership, the lower your car rental cost. GoGet has three levels of membership: GoStarter, GoOccasional & GoFrequent, all with different fees.

Uber Carshare

Uber Carshare is the only service that has no ongoing membership fees. Hourly rates start as low as $5 and daily start from $25.

Paying for the distance you drive

Both Uber Carshare and GoGet charge for the distance you travel. With GoGet you’ll be charged 40 cents a kilometre for hourly bookings. With Uber Carshare, pricing starts at 21 cents for hourly bookings.

GoGet offers 150 included kilometres with daily bookings, which means you’ll only be charged for kilometres once you exceed 150 kilometres. If you know you’re travelling a long distance, inclusive kilometres can offer peace of mind because you know the price you’ll pay is capped. The downside is that if you only need a car to get around town for the day, you’ll still be paying for those included kilometres you don’t use.

Uber Carshare charges a flat rate for each kilometre you drive, meaning you only ever pay for the distance you actually drive.

Below is a comparison of the plans offered by GoGet and Uber Carshare:

GoGet Plan GoStarter GoOccassional GoFrequent
Membership fee $49 per year $12 per month $30 per month
Booking fee no fee no fee no fee
Hourly rate From $11.30 From $9.90 From $6.70
Daily rate $91 $86 $76
Distance rate 40c per km 40c per km 40c per km
Included Km 150km on daily rate 150km on daily rate 150km on daily rate
Excess $2,000 $2,000 $2,000

*Excess: if you have an accident the maximum you will pay is $2000. To reduce your excess to $300 GoGet charges $1.75 extra per hour and $18 per day.

Uber Carshare Borrower
Membership fee free
Booking fee $6.99
Hourly rate from $5
Daily rate from $25
Distance rate from 21c/Km
Damage liability $2,000

*Excess: if you have an accident the maximum you will pay is $2000. To reduce your excess to $500 Uber Carshare charges $1.50 extra per hour and $18 per day.

Cost comparison on different trips

We’ve done a cost comparison on four example trips to illustrate the cost differences between GoGet and Uber Carshare.

Uber Carshare GoGet
A day around town $31.14 $39.90
A day around the city $42.49 $91.00
A long weekend away $313 $382
A one-week holiday $611 $878

A day around town

If you don’t own a car, but you’ve got a few errands to run, or you want to visit a friend for the day, using a car-sharing app is the perfect way to get to where you need to be.

For three hours and 15km of travel, you’ll pay about $39.90 for GoGet, and $31.14 for Uber Carshare.

Around town - 3 hours & 15km

A day around the city

Sometimes you need to go to a few places or drive across the city, so you need the flexibility of having the car for the whole day. You aren’t planning on travelling far, so you’ll end up wasting money on the 150 included kilometres that you get with GoGet.

You’ll pay around $91 for GoGet, or $42.49 for Uber Carshare.

Around the city - 1 day & 50km

A long weekend away

If you’ve got a few days off, why not take off for a long weekend. You decide to leave Melbourne and head to the beach and bush at Lorne, or from Sydney, drive down to the beautiful Shoalhaven Heads. Either trip plus a couple of detours is about 200km each way.  We’ve also lowered your insurance excess for the trip, for peace of mind.

This relaxing getaway will cost you around $382 with GoGet, and $313 with Uber Carshare.

Long weekend away - 3 days & 400km

A one-week holiday

It’s time for a proper holiday. Book a comfy SUV, pack your beach towels and hit the road for a relaxing week getaway.

For those of you looking for car hire in Melbourne, we recommend starting your trip by driving out to the Yarra Valley, before making your way down the Great Ocean Road. A similar distance trip from Sydney gets you to the Hunter Valley wine region and back. We’ve also lowered your excess for the trip, for peace of mind.

Your one week, 600km trip will cost you around $878 with GoGet, or $611 with Uber Carshare.

One week holiday - 7 days & 600km

GoGet or Uber Carshare? Which is the best car sharing platform?

Uber Carshare wins on price

When you compare the cost of four different types of trips it’s clear that Uber Carshare comes out on top on cost. For all the trips shown above, Uber Carshare is cheaper - from short trips of a few hours, and trips away for multiple days. Daily rates are significantly cheaper with Uber Carshare for renting a similar size and type of vehicle.

Uber Carshare is significantly cheaper than GoGet for short trips of a few hours and on longer trips of several days.

Uber Carshare wins on the environment & local communities

Car sharing simply makes financial sense for people who live in urban areas and don’t drive very much. But there are other benefits too - particularly with peer-to-peer car sharing, like Uber Carshare.

By reducing the number of cars, car sharing lowers traffic congestion, which is great for CO2 emissions and for creating healthier cities. But peer-to-peer car sharing is even better for the environment than fleet car sharing services. Unlike GoGet, Uber Carshare uses cars that are already sitting idle in driveways instead of purchasing new cars and freighting them to your neighbourhood. Manufacturing new cars and freight all contribute to CO2 emissions. Using neighbourhood cars means you pay less per hour and per day to use them, making neighbourhood sharing the most affordable and environmentally friendly form of car sharing.

There’s a final benefit to using Uber Carshare, which is that it supports your community by keeping the money local and in the hands of the individual vehicle owners. It’s just another reason to choose Uber Carshare.

Uber Carshare is better for the environment and supports the local economy.

Ready to car share?

Hopefully you’ve now got enough information about car sharing and the differences between GoGet and Uber Carshare that it’s clear who is the best choice. We hope you’re as excited about car sharing as we are and you’re ready to give it a try with Uber Carshare. We think making better use of cars already sitting on our streets just makes sense: it’s common sense for the common good. And we think you’ll agree.

Get a car rental quote

Want a personalised quote to help you choose between GoGet and Uber Carshare? Get a quote using our search page. You can find a car near you, and estimate the total car hire cost (including fuel) by entering your anticipated driving distance.


In calculating the cost of our example trips above, we’ve made some assumptions.

For the two longer trips, we’ve assumed that you’ll choose to reduce your car rental insurance excess. If you want to risk a $2,000 damage bill by not reducing your excess, then the cost variation will be different – get in touch if you’d like us to run the numbers.

For Uber Carshare vehicles, we've assumed an hourly rate of $7 and a daily rate of $25 for the trips “around town” and “around the city”. For the longer trips over the weekend and your “one-week holiday”, we’ve upgraded you to a comfortable SUV for a longer drive ($40 a day). We’ve assumed a distance rate of 33c per kilometre for the two longer trips. Rates are set by individual car owners, so please check the listing of your preferred car for its rates.

For the “Trip Around Town” and “Trip Around the City” scenarios, we’ve assumed that you’re on the GoGet GoStarter plan. The GoGet GoStarter plan has a yearly fee of $49. This cost is not included in these calculations. Uber Carshare has no membership fee - you'll just pay a booking fee per booking.

For the two road trips, we’ve assumed that you’re on the GoGet GoFrequent. We haven’t included the membership costs of $30/month.

All figures are correct as of 28 May 2020.