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Get your car ready for summer in 4 steps

It's heating up outside and your car will soon be busier than ever. Follow these steps to get your car in tip-top condition, ready for summer.

Shannon Barker

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, and you can safely venture out without a coat or umbrella – we’re calling it: summer is finally here. After so many months cooped up inside, it’s time to get out and about and enjoy the summer sun.

Sunscreen? Check. Beach towel? Check. Summer-ready car? Well…

As the weather warms up, so will your car’s social life. Summer is peak time for Uber Carshare, so you can expect your car to get busy over the next several months. It’s worth taking some time to get your car ready for the warmer weather now to ensure an enjoyable summer: for you, your Borrowers and your car.

1. Get on top of maintenance

Your car’s going to do more kilometres over the next few months, so make sure everything is in top working order now to help ensure an incident-free Summer. Doing a quick check of your tyres, lights, oil, coolant and transmission fluid takes only a few minutes and could prevent huge (and expensive) problems down the track. Check out our do it yourself car maintenance checklist for simple instructions. If it’s been a little while between services, consider booking your car in with the mechanic now for a more thorough maintenance check.

2. Do a quick clean

Between the rain, mud and general grime, winter can take its toll on cars. Giving your car a quick wash, vacuuming the interiors and shaking out the floor mats will have it looking its best for summer. It’s simple to give your car a detail at home or at a drive-in car wash, or if you’d rather outsource this you can book a mobile car cleaner. Uber Carshare members can get discounted rates on mobile car cleaning (and thanks to Fred, the handy lockbox, you won’t even need to be home).

3. Check your air conditioning unit

It won’t be long before air conditioning units across the country will be getting a real workout, so make sure your car’s A/C is fully functioning before the real hot weather hits. Run the air conditioning for several minutes to check that it’s blowing cold and that all the vents are working. Pay attention to any strange sounds or smells, and if you’re in doubt get it checked out by your mechanic. It could need cleaning or repairing, but you want to get this sorted before you or a Borrower really need it!

4. Update your calendar

It’s crucial that you keep your car’s availability up to date, and always book the car when you need to use it yourself. Borrowers can book and drive your car instantly for a last-minute beach trip or weekend getaway – don’t leave them stranded by taking the car without booking it first! Over the peak bookings season, you might also want to consider removing any blockouts you have on your car. Freeing up your car for bookings will allow you to make hay while the sun shines and maximise your earnings over this busy period.