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Your Car Could be Making You Money

Thinking about joining the thousands of Aussies who earn money through sharing their car on Uber Carshare? From safety and support to earnings and more, we’ve summarised it all. Keep scrolling to read about our owner's success stories too!

Mel Centofant

How it works - Share your car with our trusted community and earn

Uber Carshare is Australia's largest peer-to-peer car share app that makes it possible to safely share your car with our trusted and carefully vetted community. Share your car anywhere, any time, offset the cost of owning a car or build a business! There are a number of ways to earn on Uber Carshare, casual sharing is a  great option for people who don't currently use their car enough to justify the cost of keeping it, whilst setting up a car share business involves listing one (or more) cars on the platform that are dedicated to sharing.

How you’re protected - Safe and secure car sharing

  1. Uber Carshare's Owner Guarantee -Designed to protect Owners in the rare instance of damage or loss to their car during a booking. Put simply: if a Borrower damages your car during a booking and does not pay the bill to repair or replace it, then Uber Carshare will pay*. It’s our promise to you so that you can share your car with confidence.*Terms and conditions apply find out more here.
  2. Vetted Borrowers - Before someone can borrow cars with Uber Carshare, they need to submit an application including providing the information we need to conduct a face-match ID check and credit check. We review each application, so only people who meet our criteria will be verified and able to borrow cars. You can find out more here.
  3. Contactless Key Collection - On our Instant keys plan, borrowers can arrange to pick up and return the keys from an electronic lockbox. This is all done through the Uber Carshare app so your car can be picked up and returned safely without ever having to meet the driver.
  4. 24/7 Support - Our team is standing by to help with issues or questions that may arise, you can call them or use our chat support to get your questions answered.

How much you could earn

Cars that are only shared occasionally earn around $300 a month on average, while the top-earning cars, utes and vans shared full-time bring in $1,000 to $2,000 per month. This is after Uber Carshare’s commission, but before you pay for fuel and other running costs. You can read more about earnings here.

Hear from other owners  

How this young creative's car became a simple side-hustle: Many owners, like Priyanka cover the costs of owning their car – like rego and insurance – by renting it out when it would otherwise sit by the kerb. Read more about Priyanka’s story here.

“I only drive a couple of times a week, and I rent my car out when I’m not using it. The earnings pay for rego and insurance, so I can invest that money into growing my art business. My car has stopped costing me money and started making me money.” - Priyanka

How this Sydney entrepreneur turned his passion into an enterprise: Since joining forces with Uber Carshare, Steve has earned over $80,000 from his expanding vehicle fleet - but he is quick to point out that this isn’t a set-and-forget investment or a get-rich-quick scheme. Read more about Steve's story here.

"I’ve built up from sharing one car, to sharing six. It’s a great business - not just because of the return on my investment, but because it helps to reduce the number of wasted cars in the community." - Steve

Building a business

Setting up a car share business offers owners the ability to scale and grow an enterprise. The majority of our pro owners started by listing one or two vehicles before using the profits to purchase additional cars to add to the platform. If you have a fleet of cars you want to list or you’re thinking of investing we recommend speaking with a Uber Carshare professional fleet manager. To find out more or book your call click here.

Get started: Try car sharing in a few easy steps

Ready to start earning? Click here to view our member plans or here to get started on your listing.

Still have questions? You can do more of your own research by browsing our help centre or alternatively you can book a call with our team.