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Uber Carshare launches in Tasmania

Amanda Grace Wall
Amanda Grace Wall

Uber Carshare’s car share network has finally arrived in Tasmania, just in time to solve the car hire shortage that's causing problems for the tourism industry!

ABC News article reveals the shortage of cars available to hire

Car sharing provides a safe and cheap way for car owners in Tasmania to share their cars with trusted locals or tourists. Our car-sharing community has been growing strongly on the east coast since 2013, with over 4,000 cars shared by more than 260,000 members in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, the Gold Coast and Canberra - and now Tasmania can get in on the action too.

Get a $1,000 government grant for sharing your car

The Tasmanian Government has backed car-sharing to get more cars listed and boost tourism in the state. Eligible car owners can get a $1,000 grant per car that they list on Uber Carshare. This covers the cost of the vehicle inspection and 'hire and drive' CTP insurance that you need to rent your car out. Learn more about the Hire and Drive Reimbursement Program from Business Tasmania.

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About Uber Carshare

Uber Carshare’s neighbourly car-sharing community provides the tools and support to turn any car into a shared car, making it safe and easy for people in Tasmania to share cars with each other, saving money and reducing waste.

With an online platform and 24/7 support, we sort out the damage and loss cover, roadside, bookings, payments, tolls, fines, key exchange and all of the other details to make sharing your car hassle-free.

If you're a car owner, you can offset the costs of ownership or build a business by renting out your car when it's not being used, and borrowers can book cars, vans and utes cheaply by the hour or day.

Community car sharing helps people save money and creating cleaner, greener, better neighbourhoods. By sharing the cars we already have, we’re reducing emissions and making better use of our resources: it’s common sense for the common good.


Join The Car Share in Tasmania Community

Need a car?

It’s free to join as a Borrower, with no membership fees.

Once you’re approved, you can search for cars near you, and book and drive instantly. Prices start at $5 an hour or $25 a day, plus distance charges.

Join Uber Carshare for free

Want to offset your car's costs or build a car-sharing business?

If you don’t use your car every day, renting it out to your neighbours is a great way to offset the costs of owning it so you can get your car paying for itself. And if you've got an entrepreneurial streak, you can start a car-sharing business with just one second-hand car and scale up from there. Uber Carshare provides the damage and loss cover, roadside assistance, in-car technology and support to make renting out your car safe and easy.

List your car

What it’s like to rent out your car

Aaron’s been renting out his car in Melbourne for a year, and has already earned nearly $4,000. When he found himself with two cars, it just made sense to share one of them on Uber Carshare.

“I thought ‘What’s the point of this car doing nothing?’, so I looked into Uber Carshare...I think it’s much better to share than everyone having to own everything.”

Now Aaron can keep his car for the times he needs to visit his family or go away for the weekend, and let it earn money for him when he isn’t using it.

Learn more about renting out your car


Car-sharing for a cleaner, less congested Tassie

Car ownership in Tasmania is on the rise. According to census data, the percentage of households that don’t own a car has dropped, while the percentage of households owning three or more cars as increased.

Most cars in Australia sit idle for 96% of the time - what a waste! Uber Carshare makes it simple and safe for car owners to put their lazy cars to work and earn money from the time they don’t use them themselves.

Plus with every share car taking up to 10 cars off the road, having cars available for sharing means more people in Perth can choose to live car-free. That means fewer new cars need to be manufactured and the associated emissions are avoided.

Borrow a car, van or ute without needing to own it

If you mostly get around by bike or public transport, you’ll know that sometimes you need a car - maybe to head to out of the city for the day, move house, or pick up your latest Gumtree bargain. Even if you own a car, sometimes you need an extra set of wheels, or a van or ute to shift your stuff.

When you join Uber Carshare you get access to a whole fleet of cars, vans and utes right in your neighbourhood. Because the cars are owned by real people, there’s a huge variety of cars: from zippy little cars to something a little fancy or a van to get the job done.

Learn more about borrowing cars