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Bingeworthy listening - Podcasts for your next road trip

Our team took their favourite podcasts for a test drive to bring you our top recommendations for your next road trip.

Jessica Pilon-Summons

We love a road trip, we really do.

But there is often a lot of time to fill between the snack stops, so what do we do? A bit of “I spy”, maybe some Spotto... and a lot of podcasts.

Enter the Uber Carshare team, who have nobely put their earbuds to work, to test drive the road trip worthiness of their favourite podcast recommendations.

Looking to laugh? Or fancy something a little more educational? Our team have you covered. Check out their picks below.


No such thing as a fish

The 4 hosts (who are the researchers behind the British panel show 'QI') each bringing their favourite fact of the week, which are usually either a bit oddball or outright hilarious, and then proceed to discuss all the most interesting things around the fact.

Kris, Product Team


99% Invisible

It’s a really great narrative driven podcast that explores the ‘unseen and overlooked impacts of design and architecture’ on the world. It’s super interesting and educational to learn about the impacts and stories of these design decisions, whether you’re a designer or not.

AG, Product Team


Stuff you should know

You get to deep dive into super niche topics! Like “Why do people blush?” and “2,500 types of palm trees”.

Ailie, Product Team

Because Language

A niche recommendation but if you're interested in words, language and its impact on society at large, this is a great listen. Recommend getting started with any of the Mailbag episodes to dip your toe in.

Kacy, Marketing Team


Who said what now

If you like a sassy, warm and engaging host, with a passion for the lesser known aspects of history, this is a podcast for you.

Jess, Marketing Team

You’re dead to me

It's funny and fascinating! The 'chief nerd' behind Horrible Histories Greg Jenner hosts one historian and one comedian per episode, and they delve into one historical event/person/period at a time. Episodes range from things like Stonehenge, Joan of Arc, and The History of Football, to things that are never covered in our school history classes or in popular culture, like Saladin, The Asante Empire and Grainne O'Malley.

Kris and Krutika, Product Team

Human interest


Real stories about people and their strange connections with each other. Some are sweet, and some are bitter but the host gets them talking to each other and it’s pretty great.

Nobu, Product Team


Hospital Records Podcast

It’s been running for quite a few years with regular episodes and showcases the best established and up and coming drum and bass producers emerging from countries around the world, playing new liquid drum and bass tracks as well as dropping some classics every so often. It used to be exclusively run by the label boss but now they have guest presenters. I used to listen to this on the train to work but its great for the car!

Greg, Product Team

Pop culture


It’s run by 2 amazing girls from Melbourne and the podcast tagline is “for smart people who love dumb stuff”. Genuinely find their commentary and analysis on celebrity issues super interesting - think Kardashian PR strategies, why Hailey Bieber never says Selina’s name, the algorithm to TikTok stardom etc. They also run a weekly “Scandal” series where they deep dive into celebrity scandals (Brad/Jen, Miley/Liam, Fergie/Andrew) and analyse the media sensation surrounding them.

Maxine, Strategy & Planning

You’re wrong about

Each episode/series of episodes looks back at a person or event that's been miscast in the public imagination, and tries to explore the 'real' story behind it. Personal fave episodes to recommend getting started with are either The Dyatlov Pass Incident or Catherine the Great.

Kacy, Marketing


The Guardian Football Weekly Podcast

I've been listening to it religiously for over 10 years. They hit the sweet spot of football, humour, banter (not too much) and increasingly cover the political aspects of football. The biggest appeal is that they have great chemistry, can be very funny and kind of feel like my mates.

Ian, Product Team

True crime


The show’s hosts keep everything super light hearted, despite the content they cover. They focus more on the solving of crimes, evidence and convictions, vs the crime itself. But they go super deep and also recommend other sources to learn more.

Maxine, Strategy & Planning

Scam Goddess

Is murder getting you down? How about switching to scams? This podcast is great for the true crime listener looking for something within the genre that is a little more light-hearted. The host, Laci Mosley, welcomes guests to the show each week to discuss “what’s hot in fraud”.

Jess, Marketing Team

Now you’ve got your podcast playlist sorted, how about booking a car for your next trip? Search cars for your next adventure.

Hero image: Photo by C D-X on Unsplash