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The most inspiring campsites in New South Wales

Shannon Barker

New South Wales is home to some of Australia's most inspiring landscapes. From lush rainforests and dramatic coastlines, rugged deserts and ancient volcanic mountains, we have compiled a list of the most inspiring places to camp in Australia's ‘Premiere State’, where you can truly appreciate the beauty and history it has to offer.  

Honeymoon Bay

Located within the popular holiday town of Jervis Bay, this magic spot will be calling you back time and time again. Honeymoon Bay's turquoise waters are perfect for swimming as the beach is protected by its horseshoe-like shape, making gentle waters that are great for snorkeling and exploring the underwater world.  

Where to camp: You will need to prepare in advance to nab a spot at the campground next to Honeymoon Bay, but you will be rewarded with prime camping locations and epic views. Find out more on camping at Honeymoon Bay.

Mayfield Gardens, Oberon - Via Destination NSW


Feel like experiencing a bit of European countryside right here in New South Wales? Oberon is the home to pine forests, rolling green hills, winyards and rose gardens. Oberon's landscape is beautiful and diverse all year round. Come see the leaves change colour in the autumn, visit snow-covered fields in the winter, admire the flowers blooming in the spring, and drink wine in the summer heat.

Where to camp: Mayfield Garden is a private estate that’s home to some of the most beautiful gardens in New South Wales. Accessible all year round, there's even an English hedge maze to explore. And yes, you can camp here!

Warrumbungle National Park - Via Destination NSW

Warrumbungle National Park

Located near Coonabarabran, the Warrumbungle National Park is a place of profound beauty and is the only dark sky park in Australia. With unique rock formations caused by ancient volcanic activity, the dramatic landscape adds to the otherworld-ness of this camping experience. Make sure to pack a telescope and be prepared for some of the best stargazing in Australia. Alternatively, head over to the Siding Springs Observatory and let the experts give you a tour of the night sky.

Where to camp: There are several campsites to choose from in the area. Camp Blackman is a great base to explore the national park. It offers amenities including showers, toilets and barbecues. Bookings are required for this campsite.

Mystery Bay - Photo by Dee Kramer Photography via Destination NSW

Mystery Bay

If you’re wanting the best of the beach and the bush, this campsite is for you. Located just south of Narooma, Mystery Bay is one of the last remaining natural camping spots on the east coast. Wondering where Mystery Bay got its name? Once called Mutton Fish Bay, the town's name changed after a curious incident back in 1880 when a boat was found washed up on the rocky shore, its crew seemingly vanished into thin air and never found.

Where to camp: Mystery Bay has a few campsites scattered over a large area of bushland. All campsites are a short walk to the stunning bay, so enjoy a ghost story around the campfire or a swim in the clear blue waters. Find out more about the campsites near Mystery Bay.

Mungo National Park - Via Destination NSW

Mungo National Park

A great opportunity to experience outback New South Wales, Mungo National Park is located around 4 hours south of Broken Hill and is a place of historical significance to the local indigenous community and to humanity as a whole. The 42,000 year old ‘Mungo man’ rewrote the history books as the oldest human remains found outside of Africa. The amazing landscape and fascinating cultural tours make this a bucket list location.

Where to camp: The best place to camp when visiting the Mungo National Park is at the Main Campground. The facilities are basic so make sure you come prepared. Bookings are also a must. Camping on this ancient land is a great way to soak up the rich history of the area.

Photo by Stephan Tafra - Via Unsplash

Diamond Head

Located in Crowdy Bay National Park just south of Port Macquarie, this stunning location is a favourite for campers. Diamond Head is characterised by dramatic rocky coastline, as well as some of the best soft white sand beaches in the state. With dolphins, whale watching and furry kangaroos to wake up to every morning - there's not much that you won’t like about Diamond Head.

Where to camp: There are many picturesque locations to camp within the national park, but Diamond Head campground is the icing on the cake. The campground includes facilities such as showers, toilets and barbecues. Bookings are required to camp here.

Crystal Shower Falls - Via Destination NSW

Crystal Shower Falls

The call of lyrebirds and satin bowerbirds will greet you as you walk through this Gondwana rainforest millions of years in the making. Explore the beauty of the Crystal Shower Falls and discover the secret track that leads you behind the waterfall itself into a cave veiled by the falling water. Located within the Dorrigo National Park near Bellingen, this lush and enchanting location will leave you wanting to move your life to a cabin in the woods.

Where to camp: The Dorrigo Mountain Holiday Park within the Dorrigo National Park, located close to Crystal Shower Falls, offers powered tent sites that include amenities blocks and even a coin-operated laundry.

Nightcap National Park - Via Destination NSW

Nightcap National Park

Home to the newly discovered and highly endangered Nightcap Oak and several threatened animal species, this largely untouched corner of the world is like stepping back in time. Hike through lush rainforest or sit and relax next to cool, crystal clear rivers while taking in the sights and sounds of one of the world's oldest rainforests.

Where to camp: Rummery Park Campground is a great base from which to explore the surrounding rainforest and includes facilities such as toilets and barbeques. You will need to bring your own drinking and cooking water. Bookings are required for this campsite.

Header image: Honeymoon Bay - Photo by Jordan Robins via Destination NSW

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