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Choose your own long weekend adventure

Are you up for a productive DIY weekend? Or ready to escape the city?

Shannon Barker

With another long weekend on the way (thank you, calendar gods), it’s time to start planning your perfect itinerary. Not sure where to start? Choose from one of these options (with the cars to match).

The productive weekend

You know that to-do list that’s been sitting neglected for months? Get your pen ready because it’s time to cross some items off. A long weekend is the perfect opportunity to finally clear out that cupboard, repaint that room, build that chicken coop or alphabetise that bookshelf. The satisfaction of a job well done will stay with you for weeks (not to mention all that time you'll save browsing your bookshelf!).

Pair this weekend with: a ute.
Perfect for stocking up at Bunnings or taking your unwanted items to the op shop after a big declutter.

The outdoorsy weekend

Pack the mountain bikes, hiking boots, tents and sleeping bags and get ready to really connect with nature. Whether you’re more into reading books and sipping wine by the campfire or climbing mountains with a pack on your back, you’ll return to life in the city recharged and reenergised after a few days in the outdoors. How’s the serenity?

Pair this weekend with: an SUV.
Big enough for the whole crew and their gear.

The staycation weekend

If you’re someone who would take a flat white over a flat airbed anytime, this weekend is for you. Stay in the city and make the most of the extra time to finally visit that cafe or art exhibition you’ve been meaning to get to for months. After all, long weekends are all about relaxing and what could be more relaxing than a long brunch (three days in a row)?

Pair this weekend with: a Smart Car.
Zippy and easy to park, perfect for city driving.

The roadtripping weekend

Whether you’ve got one day or the whole weekend to spare, there’s a roadtrip you can do this long weekend. Choose a destination, load up on snacks, get your playlist ready, and drive. Don’t forget to stop along the way for an award-winning pie (there’s one in every town) or an ice cream and enjoy the fresh air and stunning scenery.

Pair this weekend with: a convertible.
Stylish and with an open top for a luxury roadtrip experience.

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