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How to rent out your stuff for money

If you're looking for an easy way to make extra money, start by renting out your stuff! We've got eight things you can start renting out right now for $$$

Maryse Dubois

Whether you are a long term planner or a short term spender when it comes to money, we can all agree it’s nice to earn some extra cash. While starting a business or side project has the potential to be extremely profitable, it’s also undeniably a big drain on your time. There’s also the potential financial loss you may incur if your side business doesn’t work out as planned.

If you are looking easier way to make some extra cash, why not start by renting out your stuff? The big perk of sharing your stuff is that it's is an easy way to generate income with what you already have, so it won't be a huge drain on your time or money.

Stuff you can rent out for extra money

  • Rent out your house
  • Rent out your backyard
  • Rent out your space
  • Rent out your car
  • Rent out your caravan or RV
  • Rent out your clothes
  • Rent out your skills and time
  • Rent out your tools

Rent out your house

Airbnb is a ten-year-old behemoth that sprung into existence when two friends in San Francisco couldn’t pay their rent. Now boasting over 300 million reservations and operating in over 180 cities, it’s fair to say that when it comes to renting out your stuff, Airbnb has paved the way.

Flipkey is a subsidiary of TripAdvisor and has also been around for over ten years. They operate in a similar way to Airbnb, and currently operate in just under 180 countries.

Homeaway (formerly known as Stayz) started independently in Australia in 2005 before being acquired by travel giant Expedia under its Homeaway banner in 2010. They operate in just over 190 countries and have around 2 million properties available.

Rent out your backyard

Youcamp lets you rent out space on your property to people who want to escape the city for a few days. You set what facilities you can offer, from bathrooms to firepits. If you can offer extras like camping gear, tours or other facilities, you can rent those out for an extra fee.

Rent out your extra space

Spacer makes it easy to rent out your space, like parking spaces or room in your shed, attick or cupboards. You can set your own rental rates and earn money by doing pretty much nothing.

Parkhound is Spacer's sister site and focuses just on car parking spaces. Do you live in an area where street parking is tight? If you've got an unused parking space you can rent it out to someone who's sick of the daily battle for a street park.

Rent out your car

Uber Carshare is a peer-to-peer car sharing company that makes it safe and easy to rent your car to your neighbours. We organise the damage cover, technology and platform for you to safely rent out your car, van or ute and offset the costs of owning it.

Angie rents out her RAV4 in Sydney and makes more than enough money to cover the cost of owning her car.

“I much prefer having my car out and about earning money for me than costing me money!”

Start renting out your car and offset its costs

Rent out your caravan

Camplify is Australia's largest caravan and RV peer-to-peer sharing community. Who doesn’t dream of one day taking an RV and exploring our beautiful country? But who also is slightly horrified by the idea of spending thousands of dollars on an RV for their yearly month long trip, only to have it sit around doing nothing for the rest of the year (except cost you money). By sharing your caravan or RV, you not only offset that cost, you also enjoy knowing that because you have been generous enough to share your vehicle, more people will get to experience the joy of camping without having to purchase their own RV.

Rent out your clothes

woman in red renting out her dress to another person

The Volte is the answer to your shopping addiction woes! Rent out your stuff to other fashion lovers and make back some of the money you invested. If you’ve got a dress that you hardly wear but you can’t bear to let it go, why not rent it out to recoup some money on it?

Rent out your skills and time

SwapAnHour gives you access to a community of swappers with different skills. You bank hours when you help a swapper and can cash it in to get help with something in return.

Fivrr lets you offer your creative services to people who need them, from designing a website to writing a story. There are heaps of opportunities for you to start renting out your skills to people online.

Airtasker is similar for Fivrr but for any task imaginable. You can find people who need their houses cleaned, some furniture shifted, an assignment proof-read or anything in between.

Rent out your tools

Toolmates lets you rent out your power tools when you aren't using them. Rather than leaving your cicular saw gather dust in your garage, you can offset its cost and help someone else make their DIY dreams come true.

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