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You can share more than just your car

Sharing cars makes sense, but they're not the only things you can share.

Shannon Barker

Sharing cars makes sense. If you own a car, you can put it to work when you aren’t using it and earn some handy cash to offset your car’s costs. If you need a car occasionally, you can borrow one from your neighbour easily and cheaply.

Cars aren’t the only things it makes sense to share. For many of our members, Uber Carshare is just one way they use the sharing economy. Sharing cars is a great way to reduce waste and save money, but the sharing economy offers almost limitless ways to make better use of our resources by sharing what we have.

It’s no surprise then that sharing is taking off in a big way. One in 10 Australians are using sharing economy platforms to boost their income by sharing their cars, homes, free spaces, or services, and almost half of all Australians use the sharing economy several times a month as customers.

Sharing a spare room or entire home on a platform like Airbnb is one of the most popular ways Australians boost their income with the sharing economy, with nearly 140,000 Airbnb listings in Australia. If you’ve been thinking about hosting on Airbnb but aren’t sure you can handle the extra work, our mates at Airsorted can help.

Airsorted is an Airbnb management company that take care of all the hassle involved with sharing your home. They’ll help you create a great listing, organise cleaning and laundry and take care of all guest communications and key exchange.

One of their clients is Lucy, a mum of seven (yes, seven!) with a full-time job. She’d always been interested in the idea of being an Airbnb host, but the idea of extra cleaning, laundry and housework felt like a headache she just didn’t need.

When Lucy heard about Airsorted, she promptly moved her daughter out of the guest suite and enlisted Airsorted to help her list it on Airbnb. Four months later, Lucy is an Airbnb Superhost with a steady flow of bookings coming in. The extra income she made was very welcome over the Christmas period, and will help fund a family holiday later this year.

Airsorted have a special offer for Uber Carshare members: $100 cashback after your first guest has stayed. Just book in a call with the Airsorted sales team and mention that you’re a Uber Carshare member during the call to get the special offer.

Find out how much your property could earn with Airtsorted

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