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13 of the best dog-friendly beaches in Sydney!

Sydney has heaps of dog-friendly beaches, parks & bays that you can take your dog to. Read our list of the best dog-friendly beaches in Sydney!

Maryse Dubois

Sydney has heaps of dog-friendly beaches, parks, lagoons, and bays that you can take your dog to for a run around or a play in the water.

But it is important to be aware that many of the beaches in Sydney only allow dogs at certain times of the day.

We've compiled a list of where to go to find Sydney’s best dog-friendly beaches, and what times you can take your pet to a park or beach near you. One of the best things about Sydney is that you can live in the city and still be near some stunning beaches that you and your furry friend can enjoy.

Where to find dog beaches in Sydney?

Click here for the list of Dog friendly beaches in Sydney pinned in Google Maps

List of Dog Friendly Beaches in Sydney

1. Rowland and Bayview Reserve

2. Flora and Ritchie Roberts Reserve

3. Manly Lagoon

4. Bicentennial Park, Glebe

5. Sirius Cove, Mosman

6. Spit West and Spit East Reserves, Mosman

7. Marks Park, Tamarama

8. Greenhills Beach, Cronulla

9. Silver Beach, Kurnell

10. Dumaresque Reserve, Rose Bay

11. Horderns Beach, Bundeena

12. Fairlight Beach, Manly

13. Clontarf Reserve/Beach, Clontarf

Dog-friendly beaches in Sydney and when you can go



1. Rowland and Bayview Reserve, Bayview

Rowland Reserve is great because your dog can go for a swim here, and you can walk them out onto the sand spit. It’s a 24/7 off leash dog park as well, so do expect your dog will be making some new furry friends! It does get a bit busy, especially at 5pm, so plan accordingly. Local entrepreneur, dog owner, and founder of kids activity booking platform Kidsbook David Vitek loves taking family pet, rescue dog Chewwie to this beach for some fresh air and to stretch her legs.

Swimming is really good if you have an older dog with arthritis or joint issues, as it puts less pressure on their bodies but still gives their muscles a good workout!

2. Flora and Richie Roberts Reserve – Curl Curl

The Flora and Richie Roberts Reserve in Curl Curl is a full time off leash dog beach. While you can argue it is more a lagoon than a beach, if your dog enjoys the water this is a great place to go. Just make sure you come prepared with some towels or a purpose-designed seat cover. It is also a off leash dog park, so your pup will get some good exercise in.

3. Manly Lagoon

This truly is a dog-friendly swimming spot, and is not really a human one so don't expect to be joining your dog in the water, but your pet will have a blast. The best part for dogs borders the lovely parkland of Manly Lagoon Park, Hinkler Reserve and Aitkin Reserve and is off-leash 24 hours a day.

4. Bicentennial Park – Glebe

The 24/7 off leash area of the park is right by Blackwattle Bay so your dog also can go play in the water. There is better access for pedestrians and cyclist to the water and park then there used to be, thanks to council efforts.


5. Sirius Cove – Mosman

It may take a few drives around the block to get a park, particularly on the weekend as Sirius Cove is a popular spot. It’s worth the hassle though and is popular because it’s a beautiful dog friendly spot in Sydney!

Off leash access is all day Monday - Friday and with restricted access on weekends (and public holidays), where you can only take your dog here before 9am and after 4pm.


6. Spit West and Spit East Reserves – Mosman

This Sydney dog beach is great, you can take your dog off leash and for a swim all day Monday to Friday, but Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays dogs are restricted - only before 9am and after 4pm. There is also only paid parking available here, so be prepared to pay to stay!

7. Marks Park, Tamarama

Dogs aren’t allowed on Bondi Beach, but if you’re looking to soak up the gorgeous views of Bondi with your four legged friend, Marks Park in Tamarama is nearby. With stunning views over Bondi Beach and Coogee, as well as plenty of space to throw a ball or two, you and your dog will be able to have a great time amongst some beautiful scenery.

Dogs are allowed off leash in Marks Park before 8:30am and after 4:30pm daily.

8. Greenhills Beach – Cronulla

To get to this beach you need to walk through Wanda Reserve (the grassy areas near the car park), which is on-leash only. The dog friendly beach is the section north of Wanda, with the entrance being north of Track 5 off Mitchell Avenue.

You can take your pooch before 10am, and after 4pm Monday to Sunday, as this section of the beach becomes off-leash for dogs. However dogs are prohibited between 10am and 4pm, so make sure you are going at the right time! Also ensure that you go north of Track 5, south of Track 5 dogs are banned at all times.

9. Silver Beach, Kurnell

A stone's throw from Greenhills Beach, head towards Kamay Botany Bay National Park to find Silver Beach in Kurnell. Offering impressive views of the city, playground equipment and barbeque facilities, there’s plenty to keep the whole family occupied.

Dogs are permitted on the beach all day between Monday and Friday and before 9am and after 4pm on weekends and public holidays. Off-leash swimming is permitted between the 3rd and 4th jetties at the western end of the beach only, so keep an eye out for signs.


10. Dumaresque Reserve – Rose Bay

Dogs are allowed on leash at any time, and off leash before 8:30am and after 4:30pm. This beach is much better at low tide, as it is very narrow at high tide, so check online before you go. There is limited parking in Dumaresq Road, so be sure to plan ahead

11. Horderns Beach, Bundeena

Nestled in Bundeena, the dog friendly Horderns Beach is a short ferry ride from Cronulla. At this beach, you can take your dog for a swim!

September to April there are restrictions, with dogs only being allowed off-leash before 8:30am and after 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

May to August they are allowed off leash at all times.


12. Fairlight Beach, Manly

You can spot one of Sydney’s last fairy penguin colonies here! It is only on a leash for dogs, this is especially important here because of the penguins. It is a beautiful spot and a great place to take your dog for a (on leash) walk. Access to Fairlight Beach is via a laneway off Fairlight Crescent / via Lane at Kay-Ye-My point.

13. Clontarf Reserve/Beach, Clontarf

This is on-leash only, the council doesn’t allow off leash dogs. But it also is a great picnic spot, with a children's playground, barbeques and tables. You can find it off Sandy Bay Road, and dogs are allowed on leash between 10am and 6pm.

Dog Safety while Driving

If you are planning on going to one of the dog beaches we have listed, make sure to transport your pet safely in a carrier or harness. Take a look at our article how tips for safely roadtripping with a dog!


It’s not always simple renting a pet-friendly car. Many car rental companies either won't offer it, or they will charge you a premium to let you bring your pet along!

Uber Carshare has hundreds of cars that are pet friendly - click here to view pet friendly cars in Sydney.