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We’re sleeping out for the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre!

Some of our team members are sleeping under the stars to raise funds for the homeless of Sydney's Inner West. Donate to help us reach our fundraising goal!

Shannon Barker

Some of our team members, including our CEO Will, will be sleeping under the stars on 6 August as part of the Newtopian Sleepout. The event is run by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre and raises funds and awareness for the homeless in Sydney’s Inner West.

As a Sydney-born company, we’re really excited about this opportunity to care for our neighbours in the Inner West. We believe that communities are better when they’re connected and neighbours look out for each other.

We’re aiming to raise a total of $13,000 and we’re asking all our members to join us by sponsoring us for the sleepout. All donations go towards the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre’s work in providing frontline assistance to vulnerable people throughout Sydney’s Inner West who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.

Our team is gearing up for a night on the concrete so please donate to help us reach our fundraising goal of $13,000!

Donate now!