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Why Fiona works at Uber Carshare

Want to know what goes on behind the scenes of Uber Carshare? Fiona shares how she came to be working here and what keeps her coming back every day.

Shannon Barker

Fiona Wells, Member Experience - Quality Assurance and Process Improvement Manager

I’ve been with Uber Carshare for over four years now. I think that’s longer than any job or relationship I’ve ever had, so it must be love.

I remember coming home after my first day and there was a bottle of wine and a card welcoming me to the team. I was so happy and warmed by that. There have been so many moments like that when I felt appreciated, and like I was not just a number.

I invited everyone to my birthday party at my house about three years ago, and our CEO Will came along with his boys, much to my surprise. My mum spoke to him for a while about how happy and different I’d been since I started working here. Will said he thought it was because I believed in Uber Carshare, that it was something I could be passionate about and really get behind. And he was right.

It’s been the most challenging and interesting job I’ve ever done. It’s really, really hard work sometimes, but the concept and the people behind it always inspire me so much that I’m willing to show up every day and put in the hard yards because I’m so proud and excited to be part of it. I still feel proud when people ask me what I do.

There’s no bullshit here. We’re here to get a job done. We’re not just here to say we ticked off our shift today; we’re here working towards something real and tangible. There’s also a willingness and openness to hear everybody’s viewpoints, no matter where they sit – if you have an idea, you’re encouraged to make it known.

I’ve had low moments. I’ve done dumb things that I have nobody else to blame for but myself, and I appreciate the fact that I’ll get called out for it, but that I’ll also be given the chance to redeem myself. It’s understood that nobody is perfect, but that serious effort and commitment is appreciated.

The people are a huge aspect of why I love working at Uber Carshare, even though I’ve now moved 700 kilometres away from the office. I think we have some of the smartest, most creative, passionate, interesting, diverse and lovely people working here that I’ve ever met, and many people who will be very good friends for life. That’s pretty special, and it’s why I still work at Uber Carshare.