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Car-sitters wanted!

We have car owners looking for people to 'car-sit' while they're away. A simple, cheap way to get a car without the costs!

Shannon Barker

We’ve got some cars that you can park near your place and use for free.

Some of our Car Owner members are looking for people to ‘car-sit’ their cars for an extended period (from a few months up to a year).

What you get:

  • You can choose the car’s new ‘home location’ to be somewhere convenient for you.
  • Free Heavyweight membership (worth $19/month) plus
  • Driving credit to use each month on the car you're sitting

In return, you will:

  • Keep an eye on the car from time to time, including by checking it at the end of bookings where practical to make sure it’s tidy and to see if there’s any damage.
  • Always book the car when you want to use it, and make sure that the Lockbox is always in place with the key inside so that other members can access it.

You’ll need to:

  • Have somewhere near you to park the car – an off-street parking space is preferable, but unrestricted on-street parking will also be considered; and
  • Have a caring and responsible personality.
  • Have taken at least 2 trips
  • Live in one of our target suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or the Gold Coast


Visit our Help Centre for more information and look out for an email for us when you become eligible to be a car sitter.