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Neighbour to Neighbour Car Sharing Hits the Gold Coast

Car sharing on the Gold Coast! Rent a cheap car off a neighbour! From $5hr + distance charges. Uber Carshare car sharing is here. Rent out your car on the Gold Coast.

Maryse Dubois

We’ve got exciting news for everyone on the Gold Coast: Uber Carshare is now in your neighbourhood!

Uber Carshare is a neighbour-to-neighbour car-sharing network that makes it safe and easy for real people to rent out their cars to their neighbours when they aren’t using them themselves. Car Owners can earn money from their cars to offset the costs of ownership, while Borrowers can get cheap and convenient access to cars when they need them.

Since launching in Brisbane in 2016, neighbour-to-neighbour car-sharing has taken off in Queensland, and now the Gold Coast can get in on the action too.


Got a car? Rent it out!

If your car is like most in Australia, it probably sits around doing nothing about 96% of the time. What a waste! You can make better use of it by renting it out and earning money to offset the costs of car ownership.

  1. List your car
  2. We’ll give you a call to answer any questions you have and book a time for us to install our in-car technology
  3. Our technician will come to you to install three pieces of technology: a lockbox so you don’t need to meet Borrowers to exchange keys, a GPS device to track how far Borrowers drive, and a toll tag to charge the right people for tolls.
  4. We’ll list your car on Uber Carshare and it will be available for Borrowers to book

List your car in the Gold Coast

All bookings include damage and loss coverso if anything went wrong we'd have your back.

Learn why people like Joy are sharing their cars with their neighbours

Need a car? Borrow one from a neighbour!

Unlike other car hire and car-sharing services, Uber Carshare lets you book cars by the hour or day so it’s a really flexible and cost-effective option. Plus the cars are right in your neighbourhood, so there’s no hiking to the rental car depot from your house or hotel.

It’s free to join and only takes about five minutes. Once you’ve been verified, you can book cars and drive instantly. There’s no extra paperwork and you don’t even need to meet the Owner to collect the keys. Just log in to the app at the start of your trip for all the instructions you need, including a code to open the secure lockbox and get the keys.

All trips include daamge and loss cover, 24/7 roadside assistance, and member support.

Rental cars in Gold Coast

How to take a trip with Uber Carshare

A more connected, less congested Gold Coast

Peer-to-peer car sharing introduces another transport alternative into the Gold Coast area for those who don’t own cars, and provides an opportunity for car owners who don’t use their car a lot to recoup some of the costs associated with ownership. It’s estimated that one share car can take as many as 10 cars off the road, so the move will also help to work towards easing traffic congestion. Millions of cars in Australia sit idle 96% of the time. It’s a waste! Uber Carshare turns any car into a share car – saving people money, building community, and helping the environment.