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Uber Carshare celebrates 5 years on the road

Maryse Dubois

It's our birthday! Check out how we've grown!

Membership Growth

We started Uber Carshare 5 years ago with just 44 borrowers in a couple of Sydney suburbs. Now we have nearly 70,000 members across the country.

Listed Cars

When we launched we had 23 cars in our community. We're aiming to reach 5,000 cars available for rent by the end of 2018.


Trips Taken

In our first year we saw just under 800 trips. In October 2017 we reached a huge milestone: 100,000 trips taken through Uber Carshare.

Cities Covered

We started in Sydney and expanded to Melbourne just over a year later. Now we have cars in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and the Gold Coast. We're heading to even more cities in 2018, so stay tuned!

Owners Earnings

By renting out their idle cars, owners have earned money to offset the costs of owning their car and made better use of an otherwise money-draining asset.

Carbon Karma

We support Greenfleet's native reforestation projects. Read more about our carbon reduction policy.

Each year we are seeing incredible growth at Uber Carshare and can't wait to see where we will be by the end of 2018!

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