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The Uber Carshare App

Looking for the Uber Carshare App?

Shannon Barker

Uber Carshare App - what it does and where to find it

The Uber Carshare App is available from the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Get the Uber Carshare App for Android

Get the Uber Carshare App for iOS

You will need to log in with your email address (or Member ID) and the password that you set when you signed up.

What can I use the App for?


The App gives you all the info you need to take a trip with a Uber Carshare. You can:

  • search for, and book, cars near you
  • find the car's exact location when it's time to pick it up
  • generate the code that gets you into the Lockbox and lets you return the keys at the end of your trip
  • get all the instructions you need for your trip, including special usage instructions for the car
  • contact the car owner
  • get refuelling instructions
  • extend your trip
  • see the parking instructions to drop the car back to the right location
  • leave a review for the car at the end of your trip
  • and more.


The App gives you quick access to the tools you need to manage your car. Currently you can:

  • Create a quick reservation if you need to use your car yourself
  • Generate a code for your car's lockbox
  • See the current location of your car (when it's not in a Borrower's booking)
  • Edit your car's profile
  • Update parking and homezone instructions
  • View your car's calendar
  • Create and manage blockouts
  • Adjust your car's rates
  • Review your borrowers and see your car's reviews

You can still use the members' site at on your phone or desktop for full Owner functionality.

Don't want to download the App? You can use the Uber Carshare mobile site instead.

If you don't have space on your device for another App, the mobile site also makes car sharing really easy.

You can book a car, find it, and get all the instructions you need for your trip, right from your smartphone or tablet. The mobile site lets you:

  • generate codes to open the Lockbox to get the car keys and return them;
  • view instructions for driving and parking the car;
  • get the PIN for refueling the car;
  • extend your booking;
  • and much more.

To access the mobile site:

1: Open a browser window from your smartphone or tablet, or your computer

2: Go to

3: Bookmark the site (this is the fastest way to access it) or save it to your home screen (this is a bit slower, as it re-loads each time you open it).

4: Log in with your Uber Carshare member ID and the password you set when you joined. (If you don’t know these details, follow the prompts to recover them).

Trip Flow mode

If you open the mobile site any time from 15 minutes before your booking starts, you’ll see that it has flipped into ‘trip flow’ mode.

This is a step-by-step flow that will guide you through the trip and give you all of the information you need.

If you need help with booking a car or during your trip, have a look at our updated FAQ's.