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Under 25 car hire without the extra fees

We don't charge any extra young driver fees, so if you're under 25 you can access local cars at a lower cost.

Shannon Barker

If you’re a young driver living car-free or on holidays and in need of an affordable hire car, you’ll quickly find that your options are limited. Some car rental services won’t let you rent a car at all if you’re under 25. Many of those who do slap you with extra fees or a higher excess. Nothing puts a damper on your holiday plans like hidden extra charges!

Finally, a fair deal for young drivers

Unlike traditional car rental companies, Uber Carshare doesn’t charge you any additional fees if you’re under 25. We don’t have a young driver fee, and we have the same excess for all drivers, regardless of their age.

It’s free to join, and you can book and borrow cars right in your neighbourhood. You’ll need to be at least 18 years old and have a full, unrestricted licence (no P plates).

Join Uber Carshare

Under 25 car hire options

Company        Young driver fee/surcharge                            Hertz        $16.50                    Budget        $15                    Avis        $25                    Thrifty        $27.50                      Uber Carshare        $0

Most traditional car hire companies add extra daily fees for drivers under 25. Uber Carshare is different. We’re Australia’s friendliest car-sharing community, and we think young drivers should be able to access cheap car hire when they need it. We’re also Australia’s only car-sharing service with free membership, so you can sign up and try us out without committing to a monthly or yearly fee.

Borrowing cars with Uber Carshare

With Uber Carshare you borrow cars from real people in your neighbourhood. This means:

  • There are cars near you - no hiking to the rental depot
  • You can borrow cars at a time that suits you - you’re not locked in to the depot’s opening hours
  • You can book by the hour or day, so you’ll only pay for the time you actually need the car
  • It’s a better deal than traditional car hire - prices start at $4/hour or $20/day, plus distance charges
  • You’re helping the planet by making better use of cars that would otherwise be sitting around in driveways and by kerbs
  • The lion’s share of your money stays in your community
  • The carbon footprint from your trip will be reduced through certified renewable carbon offsets

There are over 2,000 cars, vans and utes to choose from across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Canberra, Perth and Tasmania so you can find the right car for every job.

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