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Where to Find Cheap Parking in Melbourne CBD

Australian Digital

Parking can be tricky in Melbourne CBD and the bustling, vibrant fringes. Especially if you want something affordable. 

Whether you’ve just grabbed a car hire in Melbourne or you come in regularly for work, we’ve got you sorted. Here’s our ultimate guide to the cheapest parking in Melbourne CBD and surrounds. We’ll cover:

We even found you free parking in Melbourne. Let’s dive in.

Free and cheap parking in Melbourne CBD and surrounds

We have good news to begin – you can now find 15-minute free parking in Melbourne CBD when you use the EasyPark app. Simply use the app to start a parking session, and if you’re in and out in 15 minutes or less, you’ll park for free.

But most street parking comes at a cost. How much is street parking in Melbourne CBD? It ranges from $4-$7 per hour, depending on time and location. Check rates and rules for kerbside parking before you travel.

While street parking is sometimes the closest option, it also gets snapped up quickly. So don’t rely on finding a street park exactly when you need it – you should always know where the commercial car parks are, too, just in case. Options like Parkhound, Wilson Parking and Secure Parking are more affordable if you pre-book. You can choose from a range of options, from monthly to hourly or overnight parking. 

Parking in Melbourne CBD

white bridge across city buildings
Photo by Denise Jans / Unsplash

Whether you want the cheapest car parking in Melbourne CBD or just the closest spots, you have lots of choices. Consider how long you need to stay (over 15 minutes will be paid, not free) and whether you want to park on the street or in a car park. 

There are council-operated car parks where you’ll find slightly lower rates than most privately owned car parks. Find some of Melbourne’s cheapest parking in the Council House Car Park, with entrances at:

  • 200 Little Collins Street (36 spaces)
  • 10 Russell Place (35 spaces)
  • 212 Royal Lane (50 spaces)

Just like street parking, these council car parks fill up quickly. So get in early to nab yourself a spot. Learn more about Council House Car Park opening hours and rates

Let’s have a look at the city’s most popular spots and help you find the best parking in Melbourne CBD.

Parking on Lonsdale Street Melbourne

The good news here is that there are plenty of options for parking on Lonsdale Street. Try the Melbourne Central Car Park, QV Car Park or The Strand Car Park. There are also car parks nearby on Russell Street, Little Bourke Street and Little Lonsdale Street. 

Parking on Bourke Street Melbourne

Parking on Bourke St, Melbourne, is best done in one of many commercial car parks. Try Galleria Car Park, 542 Little Bourke St Car Park or St James Square Car Park to pre-book online. Whether you’re headed to Bourke Street Mall, browsing the Queen Victoria Markets or hitting up some of Melbourne’s best bars and eateries, you’ll find lots of parking options. There are also car parks nearby on Exhibition St, Russell St and Little Collins St.

Parking on Collins Street Melbourne

Like all other CBD streets, Collins Street is buzzing day and night. Street parking in Collins Street is really hard to find. For a smooth trip, find your closest commercial car park. Try 530 Collins St Car Park, 120 Collins St Car Park, 664 Collins St Car Park, or Flinders St Melbourne Car Park. You’ll also find options on Flinders Lane, Flinders Street and Little Collins Street.

Whether you’re shopping up a storm in the heart of Melbourne’s retail district, headed to work in one of the CBD’s many offices, or gearing up for a night out, you won’t be short of a park in Melbourne CBD. You just need to choose your spot in advance and maybe even pre-book online for a hassle-free experience.

Now, let’s look at some popular spots just outside the CBD.

Parking in Carlton Melbourne

people walking in hallway
Photo by britt gaiser / Unsplash

For easy all-day parking in Carlton that’s central to the Carlton Gardens and the University of Melbourne, try the Carlton Clocktower Car Park. And for an affordable, council-run car park try Elgin Street Car Park.

Is there any free parking in Carlton?

You can find free parking in Carlton, but most of it’s taken up by residents. And what you do find will probably be limited to 1 hour. You can also park for free in Lygon Court (333 Drummond Street) if you shop at Woolworths (spend $30 to get one hour free and $60 to get two hours free) or buy a ticket at Cinema Nova.

Parking in Melbourne Docklands

Street parking in Melbourne Docklands is very limited. Your best option is to choose a commercial car park and reserve your spot. Try Southern Cross Station Car Park, Digital Harbour Car Park, 800 Bourke St Car Park, or 401 Docklands Drive Car Park.

For a quicker stop, make use of 90-minute free parking in Docklands at The District (with low rates capped at $16/day). Find more information about Docklands parking at and compare options at Parkable.

Parking in Fitzroy Melbourne

Whether you’re shopping for rare retro finds on Brunswick St or visiting the weekend markets, you’ll find personality around every corner in Fitzroy. Unfortunately, you won’t always find street parking.

Try the commercial car parks at 75 Rose St, Bullring Car Park, and Aldi Car Park. For parking near Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, try Fitzroy Mills Market Car Park. 

For free parking in Fitzroy, try the free parking lot at Alexandria Parade (but get in quick – it never stays empty for long). Woolworths also offers free parking but there’s a 1.5-hour limit. 

And for even more options, check out Parkopedia in Fitzroy.

Parking in North Melbourne

There aren’t a lot of commercial options for parking in North Melbourne. Have a look at 

33 Bedford St Car Park and Blackwood Street Car Park. Otherwise, you’ll need to try your luck at street parking. If you’re headed to the Royal Children’s Hospital or the Royal Melbourne Hospital, there are paid car parks on site.

Is there any free parking in North Melbourne?

Yes, if you’re a resident and have a permit. Or if it’s a public holiday. The City of Melbourne says, “Some parking signs don’t apply on a public holiday, and when they don’t, it means you can park for free and for as long as you like.”

The key word there is “some” – it can feel a little complicated, so be sure to check the rules before you try to park for free.

Parking in Southbank

a group of people walking across a bridge over a river
Photo by Duale Siad / Unsplash

The good news about parking in Southbank Melbourne is you have loads to choose from! As a thriving city hub, street parking is extremely limited. There’s no free street parking in Southbank. So once again, your best bet will be to choose a commercial car park or use an app like Parkhound or Parkopedia. 

Try 158 City Road Car Park for ease of access or Southgate Car Park for waterside visits. There are not one, but two car parks for Crown Melbourne. Use the Victorian Arts Centre Car Park for visits to the National Gallery of Victoria. 

Parking in St Kilda

orange and blue face entrance museum
Photo by Reki woo / Unsplash

St Kilda has been a long-time crowd favourite in Melbourne, but parking can be tricky. For access to Fitzroy St in St Kilda, there’s free parking at 34 Jackson St. Park at St Kilda Beach using the St Kilda Sea Baths Car Park. For parking in St Kilda near Luna Park, try the car park at 10 Chaucer St (this will also give you easy access to the eateries and shops along Acland St). And for another Acland St option, there’s also Woolworths St Kilda.

Tips for parking in Melbourne

green and yellow tram on road during daytime
Photo by Daniel Pelaez Duque / Unsplash

Parking in Melbourne CBD can be daunting whether you're a regular visitor or not. Knowing where you're going to park will really help. Here are a few more things to help your trip go smoothly.

  • Know your options. There’s high competition for street parking in the city and surrounds. While it might be the closest option, you might have a stressful day if it's your only option and unavailable when needed. Make sure you have a Plan B (or C!).
  • Try 15 minutes free. For a quick stop, try the new 15-minute free parking option. Be careful not to overstay your welcome, or it could turn into a very expensive park.
  • Get a permit. The City of Melbourne issues a range of permits that allow you to park within the CBD. Check your eligibility. But remember, while your permit might exempt you from limits and fees sometimes, it usually won’t reserve you a spot.
  • Pre-book online. If you rent a park at one of the many private car parks in Melbourne CBD, you can save a lot of money by booking ahead (up to 60% at some!). 

At Wilson Parking, Care Park and Secure Parking, you can choose an all-day early bird parking option if the hours suit you. Pre-booking this option will usually save you the most amount of money. 

The best thing about parking this way is having a guaranteed spot when you arrive. Just open the website and type in your destination – simple.

Other ways to find the cheapest parking in Melbourne


Use Parkopedia to find parking in real time. You’ll find real-time options for street parking, public lots and private car parks. 

This time-saving site shows you details like prices, mobility features, available spaces, and special rates for early birds and nights. It even organises parking spots by distance, helping you pick the most suitable one for your budget and destination.

Share with Oscar Melbourne Parking

You can pre-book affordable parking in Melbourne by using Share with Oscar (from just $1 per hour). You’ll find plenty of choices across most of Melbourne at great rates. Of course, by pre-booking your spot, it’s reserved just for you – avoid the stress of competing for a park in the city.

Find a cheap car to take you through Victoria

Now that you’ve got parking sorted, grab a car hire in Victoria with Uber Carshare and explore.  

And if you’ve already got your car sorted, don’t forget to check out how to read parking signs in Australia. (Don’t get stuck in CBD traffic wondering whether or not you can stop or park there…)

Visiting Sydney or Brisbane? Find out more about the best and worst parking.


Where can I find parking in Melbourne CBD?

There are many options for parking in the Melbourne CBD including street parking, commercial car parks like Wilson Parking, Care Park and Secure Parking, and three council-operated car parks at 200 Little Collins Street, 10 Russell Place, and 212 Royal Lane.

How much does parking cost in the Melbourne CBD?

Street parking in the CBD costs $4-7 per hour, depending on location and time. Commercial car parks and council car parks have slightly lower rates. Try Parkopedia or Share with Oscar to find the cheapest available parking in real time. 

Are there any off-street parking lots in the Melbourne CBD?

Yes, there are many off-street commercial car parks like 530 Collins St, 120 Collins St and 664 Collins St car parks in the CBD. You can find commercial car parks central to every CBD location. Check the websites for Wilson Parking, Care Park and Secure Parking, or use Parkhound, Parkopedia or Share with Oscar to find real-time available parking. 

Are there any free parking spots in the Melbourne CBD?

You can find limited free 15-minute street parking using the EasyPark app, but most parking requires payment in the busy CBD area.

How long can I park in the Melbourne CBD?

Paid parking time limits vary depending on the location but are usually 2-4 hours for street parking (with longer limits in commercial car parks).

Are there any designated accessible parking spots in the Melbourne CBD for people with disabilities?

Yes. There are designated accessible parking spots in the CBD for people with disabilities. Commercial car parks also have designated accessible parking spots near building entrances with wider spaces. Find accessible CBD parking on the council website.

Where can I find out more information about parking in Melbourne CBD?

Your first stop should be the City of Melbourne for up-to-date maps and accurate information about parking rules. But websites like Parkopedia, Parkhound and Share with Oscar also provide detailed maps for all parking options in the CBD. 

Does the Melbourne CBD have special parking rules on certain days or times?

Yes – check with the City of Melbourne for all parking rules and fees. Some streets have no parking limits on public holidays. Otherwise paid parking rules and time limits apply daily (which can vary depending on the time of day).